Stuart M. Schmidt
Human Resources Management
Professor Emeritus
  • Office LocationAlter Hall 351


Stuart M. Schmidt, Executive DBA Associate Director of Mentorship has been a Professor of Human Resource Management in the Fox School of Business and Management where he taught courses in management, industrial relations, power and influence, and negotiations. His B.A in Psychology, Masters in International Business, and Ph.D. in Industrial Relations are from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Schmidt’s research is cross-disciplinary and includes leadership, conflict, organizational influence, virtual work relationships, cross-cultural team dynamics, public policy and, currently, the relationship between technology and power. His research findings have been reported in over 45 articles published in a variety of journals that include the Journal of Applied Psychology, Decision Sciences, Administration and Society, Human Relations, Organizational Dynamics, Administrative Science Quarterly, Supply Chain Management, and Psychology Today. Schmidt and his Fox School colleagues Deanna Geddes and Art Hochner are the co-authors of the 4th edition of Power and Negotiation in Organizations.

Schmidt is also known for his training and assessment instruments such as the Profiles of Organizational Influence Strategies [POIS] instruments and training programs that have been translated into 12 languages and used worldwide in leadership training and research.

Over the years, Schmidt has applied his talents and energy to the public and non-profit sector as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Afghanistan, an organizational behavior consultant and labor relations specialist to the State of Wisconsin, training program consultant to the US Department of Justice, and a board member of Philadelphia religious and non-profits.

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