Martin J. Schroeter
IBM Global Markets
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer


Martin Schroeter isn’t one to shy away from competition. Perhaps that’s why the Fox School of Business left such a mark on him. “I quickly came to the realization during my time at the Fox School that there are some really smart people in the world,” he shares. “I knew I would have to up my game if I was going to make it anywhere.” It’s a challenge Mr. Schroeter embraced with open arms. Today, as Senior Vice President of IBM Global Markets, he credits his success to those early undergraduate lessons. “In every job, I’ve approached every day as ‘game day,’” Mr. Schroeter says. “Temple helped to instill that in me, as it does all its students. The place just motivates people to go out there and compete.” This mindset is one he encourages all students to adopt, especially those interested in the technology industry. “In the technology field, companies can quickly pull together millions of dollars to pursue an idea,” says Mr. Schroeter. “You have to be able to compete against them while also ensuring that you’re harnessing these ideas in useful and responsible ways.” He also emphasizes that students should learn to communicate clearly and concisely, and strive to stay on top of change in a world where business is constantly evolving. “You may finish your degree, but you won’t be done learning,” he promises. Twice over the past few years, Mr. Schroeter has shared his insights with Fox School students. First in 2015 as a participant in a Distinguished Speaker Series, and then in Spring 2017 at undergraduate commencement, an experience he describes as “hugely heartwarming.” “There were 800-plus graduates and none of them had a frown or dour look on their face,” he remembers. “They were all so happy, you could feel their joy.” During his commencement speech, Mr. Schroeter left the graduates with one final piece of sage advice. “There’s a shift that happens when you leave school and enter the business world,” he says. “You no longer need to know the answers to the questions, instead you need to know what questions to ask.”

Temple University Degree
Honorary Degree ’99, Temple UniversityBachelor of Business Administration ’86, Fox School of Business

Temple University Awards & Affiliatons

  • Commencement Speaker, Fox School of Business, May 2017
  • Distinguished Speaker, 2015
  • NYC Angels Dinner Supporter

What I wanted to be when I was 20 years old
Competitive in the business world

Best piece of advice anyone ever gave me
“The willingness and desire to compete everyday will separate a vast majority of people from one another.”