Liz Beard
Decision Neuroscience
PhD Student


Liz is a graduate student in the Decision Neuroscience program working with Drs. Jason Chein, Crystal Reeck, and Vinod Venkatramen. Her work primarily focuses on understanding social processing and development from neuroeconomic and social neuroscience perspectives to better understand decision making in social contexts, and ultimately to improve health and well-being across the life span. Current projects include using fMRI to increase our understanding of why people make different choices when a problem is described versus when it is experienced and whether these differences influence risky decision making in teens and adults. Before coming to Temple, Liz was a lab manager for Dr. Emily Falk at the University of Pennsylvania where she studied how neural systems associated with conformity and social influence during an fMRI task can be used to predict peer influence in real-world relevant driving contexts. When she’s not trying to convert her lab mates to use Python and R, Liz is most likely rock climbing or enjoying Philly’s food and beer scene. Examples of Liz’s code are available on Github, as well as more recent updates on her Twitter and OSF Page.