Curtis Howard Smith
Executive Vice President, Ipsos/MMA


Dissertation: The Role of Feedforward-Enabled Predictive Analytics in Changing Mental Models.

Curtis Smith is the Senior Director of Commercial Innovation at Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. In that role he focuses on nurturing emerging capabilities in response to the changing external environment, and oversees the development and deployment of critical value-generating analytic capabilities. Prior to joining Janssen, he led the analytics function for McKinsey & Company and Henry Rak Consulting Partners. Curtis has more than 25 years of experience developing and executing analytic plans to address complex, critical business issues across multiple industries, and extensive expertise in growing and leading Business Analytics functions within organizations.

Throughout his career, Curtis has developed a track record for translating analytic plans and research into clear business insights and strategic direction, resulting in significant business transformation. Curtis earned a Master’s degree in applied research and evaluation in Psychology from Hofstra University, a DBA from the Fox School of Business, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Bucknell University.