Breakout Rooms

Breakout Rooms are small to medium-sized collaboration rooms intended for group study and projects. Within Alter Hall there are 14 rooms for undergraduate use, and 12 rooms for MBA use. Each room provides a built-in PC, large-screen display, laptop connection, and an audio/video input. Breakout Rooms are available to students of the Fox School of Business, and the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management only. Rooms must be reserved prior to use. Reserve a Breakout Room

Capital Markets Room

Lab designed to give students hands-on experience performing business transactions, including managing supply chains, trading stocks and bonds, and running business scenarios. Students can invest real money allotted by the school for real profit. Three projectors and screens allow real-time display of stock data, as well as data from student and faculty workstations. An elliptical ceiling mirrors the shape of the student lounge and is accentuated by LED lighting. The room is illuminated by glare-free up lighting reflected by the ceiling.

Class Capture

Fox Capture - also commonly known as lecture capture - allows faculty who use specially equipped “smart” rooms to record lecture or presentation (audio/video plus anything displayed on the classroom computer) for later viewing, over the web or on mobile devices. The captured sessions can be viewed in full or used by students to selectively review and reinforce concepts without requiring additional class or office hour time. Although less common, Fox Class Capture also allow viewers to connect live and watch an event in-progress. Talent Release Form

Computer Labs

The Fox School provides a wide range of computing facilities for the exclusive use of the Business School community. Most of the machines feature Windows based applications for word processing, research and Internet access. Laser printers are available. The lab provides paper and ink, but the students must supply their own USB flash drive to store files. Wireless connection is available for students with laptops in student lounges in Speakman and Alter Hall. Internet connected desktop computers are also available in the lounges for students.

Spring & Fall Semester Hours:

Speakman Open Lab 6

Monday thru Friday: 8am-8pm Saturday: 9am - 5pm Sunday: Closed

Speakman Lab 26

Classroom use only View the lab schedule

Rooms Reservations

Collaboration spaces ,  Classrooms and Event spaces are equipped with projectors or a large LCD screen, a computer,  Laptop connection,  audio, tables wired for power and Internet. Fox/STHM Room Reservation Policy Reserve a Room

Digital Signage

Fox Digital Signage System is powered by a robust software that provides powerful content creation and scheduling tools generating multi-window displays filled with bulletins, tickers, video clips, and more. For more information please contact Matthew Dampf (

Smart Classrooms

Smart Classrooms in Alter and Speakman Hall have localized room control stations that are height adjustable, equipped with a computer, a tablet to capture an instructor’s handwritten notes, and audio, visual and lighting controls with memorization feature for the settings of each class. Network-based control systems allow opening/closing rooms, AV/computer troubleshooting, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communication to the control room. Each classroom is equipped with microphones and cameras that can stream class lectures in multiple locations in the building.

Email Stations

Both Speakman and Alter Hall have email stations that provides students with a quick access to the web and classroom resources online.