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The Fox School maintains a distinguished tradition of educating the nation’s finest risk, insurance, actuarial, and healthcare systems professionals. With over 700 students and 21 full-time faculty, the Department of Risk, Insurance and Healthcare Management (RIHM) is the largest of its kind in the world.

The department offers both undergraduate (BBA) and graduate (MS, MBA and PhD) degrees in each of the three program areas: Actuarial Science, Healthcare Management, and Risk Management and Insurance.

Today’s global economy requires executive decision makers who are able to handle the growing responsibilities of managing the total risk of the firm in a multi-national setting. The RIHM faculty is committed teachers and scholars, recognized both nationally and internationally for curriculum development and research excellence.

Choose the Area of Study That is Right for You

Risk, Insurance and Healthcare Management prepares students to be leaders. Guided by a faculty of outstanding educators and professionals, students learn to adopt and apply industry best practices to theories and methods of these fields. Explore the programs in these unique disciplines that will set you apart—and get you ahead.

Disciplines & Programs

The Actuarial Science program provides students the opportunity to develop a strong foundation in mathematics and statistics while being exposed to a wide range of business disciplines; it is one of only a few programs designated as a Center of Actuarial Excellence by the Society of Actuaries. Actuaries specialize in the evaluation of insurance and financial risks and they hold positions of responsibility with insurance companies, consulting firms, investment banks, government regulatory organizations, and government insurance programs.

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The Department of Risk, Insurance and Healthcare Management offers several programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the area of healthcare management. The distinguished faculty works in close collaboration with the public health, medical, nursing and health-related programs at Temple University in an effort to improve population health in the Philadelphia region. Together, Temple health programs have global connections through a variety of projects and partnerships linking the local healthcare community to cities and countries around the world.

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The Fox School’s program in Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) is nationally recognized. It prepares students to identify and evaluate various sources of risk, then select and implement solutions to control these risks through insurance and other mechanisms of risk transfer and distribution. Graduates of this program often enter the risk management or employee benefit departments of large businesses and other organizations. They may also take challenging positions within insurance or benefit consulting firms, brokerage firms, agency operations, or insurance companies.

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Advance business through research

The Department of Risk, Insurance and Healthcare Management faculty are nationally and internationally recognized authorities in their respective fields. They have authored numerous texts and study manuals, published extensively in prestigious academic and professional journals, and been recognized by awards for teaching and research excellence. Key research themes include:

  • Macro-level market concerts in insurance and healthcare
  • Decision theory and behavioral consumer theory
  • Healthcare demand
  • Public policy and regulation
  • International business

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