Data Analytics Bootcamp: Python

Data Analytics Bootcamp: Python will teach participants how to organize data in a way that allows them to critically analyze a particular area of interest. This asynchronous learning program will take you from a beginner level to skillful programmer with step-by-step instructions.

The course consists of 10 self-guided modules that can be completed at your own pace. Most participants can expect to complete the course in 10 to 15 hours.

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What to Expect

Each module contains:

  • Learning objectives
  • Video lectures and quizzes
  • Instructions on how to proceed through the module to completion
  • Code files required to complete all required modules

Participants will take online quizzes to reinforce their learning and highlight areas to review before moving to the next module.

Enrollment in this program will allow participants to:

  • Experience how programming technology affects modern life in the age of information
  • Identify opportunities for algorithmic problem solving across a diverse range ofapplications
  • Use Python programming language to solve problems of interest
  • Utilize information technology techniques in Python for scraping and collecting data frominternet web pages
  • Prepare data for analysis, perform econometric analysis, create powerful datavisualizations, and make optimal decisions from dataThe best candidates for this workshop are students and working professionals who are interested in learning data analytics and computer programming.

System Requirements

To be most successful, participants should use a desktop or laptop computer that meets the system requirements outlined here. Chromebooks, iPads and other tablet devices are not recommended for this course.

Digital Badge

Participants who complete all 10 modules will receive a digital badge of completion from Temple University, suitable for adding to a resume and sharing via social media.

Program Investment

Fee is $199 for professionals, $99 for students.

For more information

Please contact Gregory Maughan at for information.