The Executive Approach to AI and Machine Learning

Machine Learning

About the Program

No longer the exclusive technology for big, powerful corporations, artificial intelligence and machine learning can be implemented to accelerate operations at most any business.

The Executive Approach to AI and Machine Learning is designed to give executives the professional expertise, learning support and peer interaction to explore the internal and external factors impacting their business. The program provides insight into what competitors are doing to move their business forward and how best to compete in a changing world.

Using a thought-provoking, comprehensive curriculum that covers the most widely used tools and techniques in the industry, the program also offers a hands-on learning approach for all executives, with targeted sessions for specific roles in the C-suite.

Whether you are an individual overseeing the process of integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into business operations or a group of executives seeking specific knowledge into an area of expertise, this program will add value to your goals.

The Executive Approach to AI and Machine Learning empowers senior executives with the skills, impactful tools and market insights needed in today’s workplace. All this comes with the credibility, global advantage and academic leadership of the Fox School of Business at Temple University.


Date: Thursday, Nov. 18
Time: 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Location: This program will be held via Zoom

Session Overview

Executives participating in this program will gain valuable insight into

  • The Big Picture: How does AI and machine learning impact the company as a whole and what questions should the executive team consider?
  • Marketing and Customer Interaction: What do the advancements in AI and machine learning mean for identifying and better connecting with current and prospective customers and clients?
  • Employee Management: Learn how AI and machine learning can streamline a company’s hiring process, diversify the talent pool and identify future employment needs.
  • Accounting and Finance: How can AI and machine learning help companies better manage budgets and forecasting efforts?


Xueming Luo

Xueming Luo is the Charles Gilliland Distinguished Chair Professor of marketing, strategy, and information systems at the Fox School of Business at Temple University.

Xueming Luo is the founder and director of the Global Center for Artificial Intelligence & Business Analytics at the Fox School. He is a thought leader in digital mobile marketing, omnichannel customer analytics, and social responsibility with machine learning, artificial intelligence, engineering models, and big data field experiments. He has worked with leading global companies in mobile communications, banking, retailing, health care, pharmaceutical and petroleum industries. His work has been featured in top-ranking academic journals, as well as popular trade press including the Wall Street Journal, ScienceDaily, Forbes, Financial Times, Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review

Yang Wang

Yang Wang is a professor of marketing and supply chain management at the Fox School.

Yang Wang received his PhD at Rice University and his research has been published in Journal of Marketing Research. His work is primarily focused on problems at the intersection of marketing, information systems and industrial organization.

Program Fee

Cost is $2,000 per company login (up to four participants). For groups of five or more, please
contact Rich Morris at 215-204-3990 or  for group rate information.