Consulting Minor

The Management Consulting Minor was established to prepare students for a career in consulting, whether working for an established consulting firm or as an internal consultant at a traditional firm. The goal is to equip students with the basic competencies and specialized skills common to successful consultants, and to ensure their attractiveness as candidates. This is a unique program within the US, and would serve as a complement to any Fox (or Temple) undergraduate degree program. The program and curriculum have been developed in close consultation with our industry partners, and the majority of the courses are taught by industry professionals, most of whom are still in practice, ensuring course relevance and providing students direct and ongoing access to hiring firms. All courses are heavily focused on business communication and critical thinking. To further ensure industry relevance, the program relies heavily on guest speakers currently in practice, and most often senior members of their respective fields. Experiential learning is an element common to all courses, and highly valued by our industry partners.

Because of the ubiquity of consulting and the breadth of industries/functions supported by all large firms, this minor is available all business and non-business students. It should also be noted that the co-curricular element of the program strive to both align with and complement the curricular, providing an even broader exposure to mastery of key skills. The minor will also include an opportunity for students to select a functionality specialized course, some of which exist in certain departments.

Prerequisite Courses: (12 credits, Those in majoring in Fox are required to complete these courses regardless)

  • ECON 1101/1901 (Macroeconomic Principles)
    or ECON 1102/1902 (Microeconomic Principles)
  • HRM 1101/1901 (Leadership and Organizational Management)
  • LGLS 1101/1901 (Legal Environment of Business)
  • ACCT 2101/2901 (Financial Accounting)

Required Courses (6 credits)

  • SGM 2525 (Management Consulting: Principles and Practices)
  • SGM 3525 (Engagement Management)

Management Consulting Electives Electives (3 credits, one course required)

  • SGM 3503 (Lean Startup: Fast & Frugal Approaches to High-Impact New Ventures, Product Invention, & Innovation)

Experiential Electives (3 credits, one course required)

  • SGM 3685 (New Venture Internships)
  • HRM 3501 (HR On the Ground)


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