Capital Markets Room

The Fox School’s Capital Markets Room (CMR) is a mock trading room and simulation lab that occupies a prominent position on the first floor of Alter Hall. The CMR has 50 computer stations with a subset of the stations configured as Bloomberg Professional terminals.

Additional data access is provided through FactSet Research Systems and Thomson Reuters’s Thomson One. Specialized software programs such as Stata, Matlab, JMP, and Crystal Ball are also avaie of the main roles of the CMR is to support the William C. Dunkelberg Owl Fund. The Owl Fund is a student-managed equity fund with holdings selected by members of the Temple University Investment Association. A ‘ticker’ display in the room displays the holdings of fund.


Bloomberg for Education has recognized the Fox School of Business as an Experiential Learning Partner (ELP). The Bloomberg ELP program partners with the Fox School to provide an innovative and rigorous curriculum for Fox students that incorporates experiential learning through the Bloomberg Terminal. The Fox School offers innovative courses that build students’ financial market awareness and career readiness, and by using the Bloomberg Terminal, students can examine corporate fundamentals, assess relative value and understand corporate strategy in play. Through the ELP program, students gain insight into thousands of companies in more than 130 industries and understand the driving forces behind the movements in major asset classes, credit metrics, economics, and government policy. The Bloomberg Terminal at Fox brings together data, news and analytics to provide the kind of complete understanding of companies, industries and markets that is a cost of entry in the current financial job markets.

FIN.3504.001Tuesday12:30p – 1:50pY.Qiu (40)
FIN.3504.001Thursday12:30p – 1:50pY.Qiu (40)
FIN.3504.002Tuesday9:30a – 10:50aY.Qiu (37)
FIN.3504.002Thursday9:30a – 10:50aY.Qiu (37)
FIN.3504.003Tuesday3:30p – 4:50pP.English (38)
FIN.3504.003Thursday3:30p – 4:50pP.English (38)
FIN.3571.002Monday3:00p – 4:50pC.Axelrod (25)
FIN.3571.002Wednesday3:00p – 4:50pC.Axelrod (25)
FIN.3571.002Friday3:00p – 4:50pC.Axelrod (25)
FIN.3582.006Monday3:00p – 3:50pC.Axelrod (5)
FIN.3582.006Wednesday3:00p – 3:50pC.Axelrod (5)
FIN.3582.006Friday3:00p – 3:50pC.Axelrod (5)
FIN.3523.001Monday5:30p – 8:00pR.Rajewski (40)
FIN.3504.007Thursday5:30p – 8:00pR.Rajewski (40)


CapIQ (short for Capital IQ) is a market intelligence platform designed by Standard & Poor’s (S&P).  The platform is widely used in many areas of corporate finance, asset management and investment banking. The CapIQ platform provides private and public company information needed to perform an analysis that might be needed for M&A or to make investment recommendations. CapIQ is often essential to financial modeling classes and coursework.


FactSet provides data and analytical applications to global buy and sell-side professionals, including portfolio managers, market research and performance analysts, risk managers, sell-side equity researchers, investment bankers, and fixed income professionals. FactSet’s Workstation includes real-time news and quotes, company and portfolio analysis, multi-company comparisons, industry analysis, company screening, portfolio optimization and simulation, predictive risk measurements, alpha testing and tools to value and analyze fixed income securities and portfolios.


Refinitiv is an American-British global provider of financial market data and infrastructure. Refinitiv runs more than 130 fintech data, analytics, trading, and risk assessment tools including World-Check, FXall, Eikon, the execution management system REDI, Datastream for macro-economic analysis, Quantitative Analytics on the Cloud. Refinitiv also maintains a database featuring more than a million mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals spanning over 40 years, covering corporate finance transactions and investment banking league tables across equity markets, debt, loans, bonds, project finance, initial public offerings (IPOs), joint ventures, repurchases, private equity and municipal bonds.