Valentine’s Day gift ideas from small businesses

By Rachel Hazzard

Feb. 2, 2022

Show love to your favorite person this Valentine’s Day and support small businesses in the process. You can get a thoughtful and quality gift right in your neighborhood. Skip the superstore and opt for something a little more personal and a lot better for your community. Here are some small business gift ideas to get your Valentine this year.


Flowers are a classic way to show your Valentine you care. This year, instead of heading to a big-box store or ordering from a large online flower delivery service, order your arrangement from your neighborhood florist. The flowers will be beautiful and fresh, and you can even get custom orders with your favorite blooms. Most florists offer local delivery too, so you can still get your bouquet delivered right to your Valentine’s home or office.


If you’re looking for another Valentine’s Day classic, chocolate is always a fan favorite. Skip the brand-name goodies and splurge on artisan chocolate handmade by local confectioners. You can get tasty treats from your local candy store and support the skilled candy makers in your area. Plus, local candy stores often offer samples while you browse, which is always a nice touch for sweet tooths while they shop.

Hand Poured Candles

Name brand candles are often made with synthetic fragrances and dyes, which can have negative health consequences. Instead, treat your loved one to a hand-poured candle from a local candlemaker. You can find candles in all your favorite scents and in unique jars or other vessels, like recycled wine bottles or wood bowls.

Handmade Soap & Skincare Products

If your Valentine enjoys a luxurious shower or at-home spa day, local soap and skincare are great options. Grab a moisturizing bar of soap, a bottle of bubble bath, and a fancy face mask to give the gift of relaxation. Not sure what products are right for your loved one? Local makers are happy to answer any questions and point you in the right direction.

Local art

If your loved one enjoys art, a cool print from a local artist may be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. You can find art for every taste and even pieces inspired by your town. You could also commission a piece made especially for your Valentine. Get a hand painted portrait of both of you to show just how much you care.


Does your Valentine give you butterflies? Return the favor with a bag of locally sourced coffee. Simply swing by your favorite coffee shop and grab a bag or two of your preferred roast. Make this gift even more special by throwing in a gift card that your loved one can use when they’re craving a handcrafted cup of coffee.


Flowers not really your thing? Pick up a plant from your neighborhood’s nursery instead. You’ll find plants in all shapes, sizes, colors. And you can make things extra easy for your Valentine by choosing a low-maintenance option like a snake or ZZ plant.

Whatever gift you choose, your Valentine will be sure to love it if it comes from the heart. And you can feel good about supporting your community’s small businesses. You might even find your new favorite store!