Temple SBDC client Yoav Perry featured in Food & Wine

By Rachel Hazzard

Aug. 27, 2021

Photo Credit:@perrysteaddairy

Temple Small Business Development Center (SBDC) client Yoav Perry, owner and head cheesemaker of Perrystead Dairy, was recently featured in Food & Wine for his world-class cheeses. It would be no exaggeration to say the article was an absolute rave. 

Perrystead Dairy is a Philadelphia creamery in South Kensington raising the bar on American original cheeses. As Philly’s first urban cheesemaker, Perry has quickly become a staple in the gourmet cheese community, known for his blend of traditional and modern techniques. Perry credits his success in part to the quality milk sourced from Pennsylvania dairies. In addition to exceptional ingredients, Perry brings over 15 years of cheesemaking experience to the table.

Temple SBDC has been with Perry and Perrystead Dairy from the beginning. While Perrystead Dairy opened its doors earlier this year, we’ve been providing no-cost services since August of 2019. The SBDC provides Perry with general business consulting and has helped Perrystead Dairy secure capital funding.

Perry speaks highly of his collaboration with the SBDC, saying “Temple Fox SBDC is second-to-none when it comes to understanding our business needs within the framework of our local Philadelphia landscape. It has uncovered for us significant resources that are available to entrepreneurs in our stage of business and local area. They were unphased by the nature of our complex and highly regulated business. The personable service has shown great depth, championship, and support through the toughest moments. Whether you are a first-time neighborhood retailer or a serial entrepreneur with a presence and global sales, this is a can-do relationship to cherish!” 

You can read the full Food & Wine article here.