About the Program

Gone are the days of sitting in class with a professor lecturing about abstract business concepts that will never be used in your day-to-day job. With the Fox Global MBA, you’ll get hands-on with your education, applying your learning in a collaborative and energetic setting. You’ll work with real-time financial data, evaluate current case studies on a variety of relevant topics, and address real-world problems facing today’s organizations. The Fox Global MBA delivers a secure space to test out ideas and strategies, so you have the experience to deliver practical solutions before you’re even on the job.

Global Immersions: More than Visiting a Foreign Location

With the Fox Global MBA, you’ll do more than visit a foreign business—you’ll develop real-world insight into global business practices through two built-in Global Immersions. Our Global Immersions are rich and engaging intensive experiences with immediate applicability, so you gain the experience necessary for a first-class career.

  • Two one-week Global Immersions per program intake.
  • Travel to an emerging market each academic year: China or India the first year, followed by either Latin America or Africa.
  • Observe global practices through corporate site visits.
  • Work with your classmates, a faculty leader, and a project executive to address complex problems facing real-world companies.
  • Network with prominent executives from foreign organizations, including multinational corporations, firms, nonprofits, and startups.
  • Tour your host cities with expert guides.
  • Engage with local custom and culture through activities like visiting historical and cultural sites of interest, exploring local cuisine, dancing, and shopping.

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