Enhance your undergraduate education with the knowledge and skills that can help set you apart. Designed for non-business majors, the Fox Master in Management delivers a comprehensive introduction to the world of business with courses covering data visualization, managing people, finance, and more. Benefit from hands-on learning experiences, personalized professional development, built-in time to pursue an internship opportunity and the chance to further prepare for your career. 

Admissions Criteria

Candidates for the Master in Management 4+1 program must meet the following guidelines for admission:

  • Have a minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA
  • Be able to complete their undergraduate degree within one year of program entry
  • Apply in the spring of their junior year
  • Provide two letters of support from full-time faculty who can vouch for the student’s readiness for graduate work
  • Be able to complete the graduate degree in one additional year.


Courses to Be Completed as an Undergraduate:

1st CourseSelect from:
HRM 5411: Managing People
MIS 5411: Business Intelligence and Data Visualization
2nd CourseSelect from:
Elective (from course menu provided by advising in registration term)

Remaining Master’s Requirements:

Students must complete all requirements for the Master in Management that have not already been completed as undergraduates.

Fall Semester (Early Term Start – mid-August, 2 weeks – 3 credits)BA 5411: Business Fundamentals I
Fall Semester (full term – 12 credits)BA 5412: Business Fundamentals II
ACCT 5411: Financial & Managerial Accounting in Decision Making
HRM 5411: Managing People
MIS 5411: Business Intelligence and Data Visualization
Spring Semester (full term – 12 credits)FIN 5411: Financial Management
MKG 5411: Marketing Management
SGM 5411: Organizational Strategy
Elective (from course menu)
Summer I (flexible term – 3 credits)BA 5486: Capstone Experience: Internship or
BA 5487: Capstone Experience: Project
Substitutes (for those with employment)Immersion course
Other elective (from course menu)