The Fox School provides excellent business education, professional development, study abroad opportunities, and direct access to the artistic and cultural vibrancy of Philadelphia. Get ready for an exciting undergraduate experience.

How to Apply

The Fox School encourages people from all educational backgrounds and walks of life to apply, including recent high school graduates, veterans, transfers from other universities, and international students.

Prospective undergraduate students may apply to the Fox School through Temple University’s undergraduate admissions website. You may also apply through the Common Application.

Apply Now

Admissions Checklist

What You Need to Apply:

A well-rounded academic background that includes English, foreign languages, math, science, history or social studies, art, and college preparatory courses

SAT or ACT standardized test scores forwarded directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions from the testing agencies

An essay, minimum of 250 words, that reveals more about you than your grades and standardized test scores

Your extracurricular activities, which will paint the full picture of who you are as a person, including your hobbies and interests

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