Stuart Fine | July 22, 2015 | WHYY NewsWorks

August 11, 2015 //

U.S. News rankings help hospitals toot their own horns
On the heels of U.S. News’ latest nationwide hospital rankings, WHYY appealed to Dr. Stuart Fine, Associate Professor of Risk, Insurance and Healthcare Management, Director of Fox’s Healthcare Management Programs, and former healthcare CEO, offered his take on why these rankings are significant.

When an MD is not enough, add an MBA
Nationwide, the ever-changing landscape of healthcare has led physicians to business schools for MBAs. WHYY made Fox Online MBA student Alexander Vaccaro, the president of the Rothman Institute, the focus of its story on this topic. The reporter spoke with Dr. William Aaronson, Fox’s Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, and snapped a photo that’s included in the story during a visit to a class directed by Dr. John McClendon, Associate Professor of Human Resource Management.

Ram Mudambi | April 14, 2015 | WHYY NewsWorks

April 28, 2015 //

Cable rates causing concern
Philadelphia City Council recently released a report on cable giant Comcast, exposing widespread concern over pricing. Dr. Ram Mudambi, Frank M. Speakman Professor of Strategic Management, likened Comcast’s myriad offerings to Baskin-Robbins’ many flavors.

Leading the way
Dr. Crystal Harold’s course “Honors: The Leadership Experience” requires students to organize an event to benefit a nonprofit or charitable cause. One of the groups in this semester’s course has organized an April 17 basketball tournament between Temple Police and Temple students to improve student-police relationships. Additionally, proceeds from the event will support the family of fallen Philadelphia Police Officer Robert Wilson III. CBS 3 spoke with Harold, Associate Professor of Human Resource Management, for a story, and one of her students was featured in a podcast. WHYY NewsWorks also published a story about the fundraiser.

Research team continues to garner headlines
Last week, Fox School professors Dr. Vinod Venkatraman, Dr. Angelika Dimoka and Dr. Paul A. Pavlou, who identified an area of the brain that can better predict the success of TV ads, were featured in two publications. Locally, WHYY published an article supplement a well-produced piece for radio. (Audio available online.) Nationally, MIT Technology Review took a look into the future of neuromarketing, and spoke with Fox’s team on the subject.

Net neutralityLast Thursday’s FCC ruling on net neutrality raised concerns over its potential impact on cable giant Comcast, one of the region’s largest employers. Dr. Munir Mandviwalla, Associate Professor and Chair of Management Information Systems, is quoted, and is featured in an audio report that aired on WHYY Radio.