Debbi Casey | June 2, 2015 | Philly Voice

August 11, 2015 //

Will unlimited paid vacation policies take flight?
Nationally and locally, some companies are testing pilot programs with unlimited paid vacation, allowing employees to take endless time off so long as they’re on top of their workloads. Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management Debbi Casey provided insight into how best to utilize such a program.

Crowded marketplace?
A number of sites cater to crowdfunding, which helps raise money for various causes, and is monetarily supporting one injured Philadelphia man’s physical therapy. Dr. Sunil Wattal, Associate Professor of Management Information Systems, summed up the practice: “Fundraising has changed in the sense that now you not only need to be able to reach out to people, but to tell your story in an engaging way.”

The science of advertising
There’s plenty to learn from science about consumers’ buying tendencies and marketing. The Philly Voice, a newcomer to the Philadelphia media market which publishes daily, highlighted the related research findings of Dr. Maureen “Mimi” Morrin, Professor of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, and Dr. Angelika Dimoka, Associate Professor of MIS and Marketing and Supply Chain Management, and made their findings that day’s lead story on their website.