The importance of diversity in organizations goes beyond the demographic differences in the workplace.  Do diversity and dissimilarities have an impact for organizations?  Could there be implications of race for online businesses?  It is extremely important for organizations to direct their attention to its demographics, but understanding that diversity is not simply the composition of the organization, but it also implies a climate of fairness and inclusion.

Relationships and networking have far reaching effects when it comes to business innovation than one may think.  When trying to determine which relationships are important to establish innovative partnerships, this research suggests cultivating the right network to maintain a creative tension where new ideas and perspectives can be developed.  Hence the genesis of innovative ideas lies on relationships that are not based on closeness and warmth, but trust and shared knowledge.

What is the value of knowledge sharing practices (R&D fairs, mentorship programs, communities of practice, etc.) and how do they contribute to breaking barriers to the flow of knowledge. Studying organizational learning practices allows us to understand how knowledge is transferred. Early findings suggest that very few companies approach organizational learning practices strategically; however, those that do are more successful in driving learning and innovation.