The Professional Sales Organization seeks to promote sales skills as a core business competency through education and experience.This is done through the hosting of speakers in the field of sales, training and practice with the selling process, attending and recruiting for national competitions, and providing a variety of opportunities for Temple students to increase their knowledge of sales and its fundamental role in every business career.

What We Do

PSO employs five major elements to carry out its mission:

  • Sales Training
  • Competitions
  • Speakers
  • Events
  • Professional Development


The Professional Sales Organization (originally Fox Sales Organization) is a new addition to Temple University and was created to promote sales education at the University. Founded in January of 2011, The Professional Sales Organization aims to become the main source of sales training and education for Temple students.


We believe that the ability to sell is one of the most important competencies in business and that experience with professional selling will help students both excel in their careers as well as differentiate them from the competition.


Maura K. Spellman
Office: Alter Hall A036
Email: tuf98257@temple.edu

Membership Director
James P. Fleming
Office: Alter Hall A036
Email: james.fleming@temple.edu

PR of Marketing
Elda Sinani
Office: Alter Hall A036
Email: tug98820@temple.edu

Faculty Advisor
Tony Petrucci
Email: petrucci@temple.edu
Website: www.temple-pso.com/so.com/