The Entrepreneurial Students Association (ESA) seeks to inspire, encourage, and empower students to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Our fundamental goal is to soundly motivate members to identify opportunities, expand their creativity, and develop new ventures.

ESA strives to create a community where Temple entrepreneurs can harness their potential and collaborate with each other on new ventures. It is open to Temple University students of all majors.


President: Steven Natto

  1. Vice President
  2. Treasury
  3. Director of Operations
  4. Membersip
  5. Director of Marketing and Outreach
  6. Relations and Professional Development
  7. WEO Representative
  1. Shenna Grady —
  2. Christopher Loftus
  3. Aman Sohail
  4. Brett Pitts
  5. Emily Madara
  6. Nhat Nguyen
  7. Emma Blosfelds
Office: 1810 Accelerator, 1810 Liacouras Walk
Meeting Dates


Wednesday: 1810 Liacouras Walk, Room 110