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Moving Forward with Best Practices

Implementing the Fox Strategic Plan 2025

The Fox School’s Analytics and Accreditation unit is regularly collecting and reporting out on activities around the school that align with the goals outlined in the Strategic Plan.

Since the announcement of the Strategic Plan in October 2019, we have launched new projects and expanded existing projects to support our strategic goals and objectives. We will continue to measure outcomes and establish KPIs to track our success.

In January 2020, we launched the Fox Brief, the school’s weekly email newsletter that regularly communicates the cultural, organizational, and programmatic impacts associated with the plan to faculty, staff and the school’s Board of Visitors. We also share stories of success with students, alumni and the community, as well as other stakeholders directly involved with the implementation of specific initiatives and programs.

Our Plan in Action

The Fox School is fulfilling our commitments through a variety of programs and initiatives. We identify these in the weekly abridged implementation plan. View select examples below, updated September 2020.

Educational Innovation

Fox Without Borders

The Office of International Programs in collaboration with Temple’s Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) created Fox Without Borders, a virtual immersions program for students in an effort to augment the student experience in light of travel restrictions due to COVID-19. Offered to the Temple graduate population and alumni, students can participate in a series of interactive sessions that provide opportunities for students to experience global business and culture, culminating in a hands-on experience like coffee tastings and cooking demonstrations. Using live web conferencing sessions each week for four weeks and faculty with strong ties to the immersion country, students will be able to international destinations without ever stepping on a plane.

Short-term goals: The program will launch two virtual immersions for graduate students to China and Colombia to experience the culture, connect with executives from international companies, gain insight into the business environment and earn a noncredit certificate in the fall 2020 semester. The program also includes the option of a four-session supplementary business language experience where students develop fundamental business communication skills in Spanish and Mandarin.

Long-term goals: The Fox School will continue the virtual immersion programs to support the students who are not able to travel due to financial or other restrictions, opening up a new avenue of egalitarian educational opportunities to consistently support Fox’s commitment to international initiatives.

What success looks like: Students will expand their global business knowledge and cross-cultural effectiveness. The experience also allows students to develop valuable skills, such as cultural understanding, tolerance for ambiguity and respect for diversity. This series will diversify Fox engagements by including other Temple college’s graduate populations- enriching the experience for all involved. Fox’s International Programs will permanently add these opportunities to their portfolio to augment the number of students able to participate in international experiential learning.

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Secondary Pillar: Inclusive Culture

On the Verge

Led by the Office of Research and Doctoral Programs in collaboration with Marketing and Communications, the Fox School issues an annual research magazine to translate practical research insights for business executives and academic peers. The 2020 edition, the Water Cooler Issue, features research to help form stronger social connections with your colleagues and friends by having deeper conversations based on business research. Stories are told through mediums including a print magazine, podcast episodes, a monthly digital newsletter and sponsored content.

Short-term goals: Increased awareness of Fox’s research efforts and its applications in academia, industry and community. Sign up for a print issue.

Long-term goals: The magazine establishes the Fox School and the Translational Research Center as leaders in applied business research to a growing audience of faculty, doctoral students, alumni, peers and business leaders.

What success looks like: On the Verge will increase awareness of the school’s research leadership and affect practical applications of research insights through a devoted audience of faculty, students, alumni, peers and business professionals. The editorial team will measure digital content viewers, print subscribers and podcast listeners, as well as other measures of awareness through media mentions, citations and other indicators.

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Catalyst Podcast

Catalyst is a podcast from the Fox School of Business that taps into faculty expertise and research to address relevant topics facing the American workforce. Launched in March 2020, Catalyst uses a conversational format with research experts to discuss pivotal moments that shape business and the global economy so listeners can spark change in their fields.

Short-term goals: The team will launch its second season in the 2020-2021 academic year, consisting of twelve episodes featuring researchers and experts from the Fox community. We will use promotion efforts through social media, faculty reviews, Apple/Spotify ratings and reviews, partnerships and more to expand the podcasts listener base. During the second season, we will diversify the range of voices highlighted on the podcast, from their background, career, research interests, etc.

Long-term goals: In the long term, we want this diversity of thought to help influence positive change at the Fox School, Temple University and the business world at large. By marrying research and practice, we hope to make intricate topics more accessible to all professionals, regardless of where they are in their career.

What success looks like: Catalyst’s first season consisted of seven episodes, plus a trailer, which had over 2,260 unique downloads as of Aug. 4, 2020. Our most popular episodes include Dissecting Diversity with Professor Patrick F. McKay; AI for Evil, AI for Good with Professor Bertrand Guillotin; Tourism: Today vs. Tomorrow with Professor Yang Yang and Breastfeeding in the Workplace with Sabrina Volpone, PhD ’13. Key performance indicators include episode downloads, the number of listeners around the world, email subscribers, webpage views, media hits and more.

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Center for Ethics, Diversity and Workplace Culture

In June 2020, the Fox School announced the soft launch of the Fox Center for Ethics, Diversity and Workplace Culture (CEDWC) as part of a video interview with Leora Eisenstadt, associate professor of Legal Studies and director of the center. The center is a hub for research, dialogue and innovation within the Fox School of Business and Temple University. It brings together leaders in industry, government and academia to focus on harnessing diversifying workforces and building ethical and healthy workplace cultures.

Short-term goals: The center is currently recruiting an advisory board of executive leaders, employment law specialists and government officials to advise the center on its education and research agenda pertaining to diversity, inclusion, discrimination, harassment and work-life balance. It will also have a student and young alumni board.

Long-term goals: The center aims to host six to eight major events a year, support ongoing research sponsored by the center and shared with the Fox School, and rally a general sense of engagement across all departments. One of the goals is to review the curriculum and make sure that the Fox School is educating students on workplace culture issues, no matter what their primary focus is.

What success looks like: The center will position the Fox School as a thought leader in Workplace Culture research and drive positive change in the school, local, national and global business communities.

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Small Business Development Center

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Temple University’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has provided enormous support to the region’s small businesses and entrepreneurs. In July 2020, the Pennsylvania Small Business Development Centers announced two of centers of excellence—the Center for Hospitality Resilience and the Center of Digital Transformation for Small Business—will be housed at Temple University. Funding for the centers comes from a Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act grant provided to the U.S. Small Business Administration. The Center of Digital Transformation for Small Business is also co-sponsored and co-funded by Temple University’s Institute for Business and Information Technology (IBIT).

Short-term goals: The Center of Digital Transformation for Small Business has already started fielding requests, completing projects for a number of small businesses, including Pure Eco-Wellness Salon & Spa, Brie’s Body Boutique and Uncorked by the Sea. The Center for Hospitality Resilience is already offering free weekly webinars.

Long-term goals: The Center for Digital Transformation for Small Business will support regional businesses by helping to increase revenue or sustain operations online; identify, use and manipulate digital tools; configure, integrate and enhance existing systems with easy to use open source cloud based digital tools; and prototype new digital centric business models that can have a major impact. The Center for Hospitality Resilience will review revised restaurant layout in compliance with social distancing; website content, social media campaigns and pricing strategies; health and safety guidelines; and personnel retention strategies, new revenue sources, operating cost controls and event operations plans.

What success looks like: Maura Shenker, director of the Temple SBDC, offers a long-term future vision: “We do not just want to see small businesses survive this pandemic. We want them to be positioned to thrive for years to come, and we believe that these two new centers can help many businesses do just that.”

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Secondary Pillar: Inclusive Culture

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