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Implementation Plan

Moving Forward with Best Practices

Strategic Plan 2025

To ensure the successful implementation of the Fox Strategic Plan 2025, we are determining processes and resources to complete the plan’s initiatives and activities.

We will launch new projects, expand existing projects, measure outcomes and establish KPIs, and regularly communicate the cultural, organizational, and programmatic impacts associated with the plan. We will also provide regular updates to faculty, staff, students, alumni and the community, as well as other stakeholders directly involved with the implementation of specific initiatives and programs.

We will regularly publish our progress with the plan on an ongoing basis through our abridged implementation action plan.

Organizational Alignment

To create the vision and priority for this change, Fox stakeholders led and provided feedback during the Strategic Planning process. Moving forward, the school plans to ask our stakeholders for their ongoing feedback in a number of ways. For example, stakeholders are invited to share their feedback on the Contact Us page as well as at future events.

Our Plan in Action

The Fox School is fulfilling our commitments through a variety of programs and initiatives.

Educational Innovation

Departmental Corporate Partner Programs

The Fox School’s academic departments and programs and the Center for Student Professional Development (CSPD) aim to connect or revitalize relationships with relevant industry partners and alumni to help inform curriculum, technology, and the soft skills development of our students, and build experiential learning and employment opportunities.

Short-term goals: A new CSPD employer advisory board was created in Summer 2019. The new advisory groups for Fall 2019 include the Business Analytics & Data Science Employer Roundtable; International Business Employer Roundtable; as well as existing boards in Management Information Systems, Accounting, Human Resource Management and others.

Long-term goals: The Fox School aims to help each department to establish and maintain advisory boards or corporate partner programs by Spring 2021.

What success looks like: Departmental and programmatic advisory boards and corporate partner programs will provide continuous feedback on the curriculum and skill development. This will lead to better internship and job placement opportunities for our students and more engagement with the business community.

Secondary Pillar: Community Engagement

On the Verge

Led by the Office of Research and Doctoral Programs in collaboration with Marketing and Communications, the Fox School issues an annual research magazine to translate practical research insights for business executives and academic peers. The 2019 issue of the Future of Work highlighted innovative research on the current and future changing work environments. Stories are told through mediums including a print magazine, podcast episodes, a monthly digital newsletter and sponsored content.

Short-term goals: The 2020 issue will showcase themes of interdisciplinary and translational research.

Long-term goals: The magazine establishes the Fox School and the Translational Research Center as leaders in applied business research to a growing audience of faculty, doctoral students, alumni, peers and business leaders.

What success looks like: On the Verge will increase awareness of the school’s research leadership and affect practical applications of research insights through a devoted audience of faculty, students, alumni, peers and business professionals. The editorial team will measure digital content viewers, print subscribers and podcast listeners, as well as other measures of awareness through media mentions, citations and other indicators.

Employee Work/Life Balance Program

The assistant dean of faculty and staff affairs and administrative unit heads are investigating HR programs and policy changes to enhance the work/life balance of Fox employees. The work/life balance program works to improve morale, retain staff, increase satisfaction and reduce stress.

Short-term goals: The assistant dean of faculty and staff affairs implemented an alternate work schedule program for Summer 2019, where staff participated in a work schedule program in which they could opt-in to work a half-day every other Friday throughout the summer. The assistant dean of faculty and staff affairs also formed a committee of employees across the school to review the policy on full-time employees teaching as adjuncts. A recommendation was made, and approved, which provides staff with the option to teach in the 8:00 a.m. time slot or the 4:00 p.m. time slot and be paid as an adjunct. This policy will be in effect for Spring 2020.

Long-term goals: The assistant dean of faculty and staff affairs and Fox leadership will implement a flexible work arrangement pilot program in the coming year. Each administrative department has been asked to form a committee of representative staff members to propose a plan for how flexible work arrangements would fit within individual units. Leadership will review the proposals in December and next steps will be determined in January 2020.

What success looks like: The employee work/life balance programs aim to lower staff turnover, improve employee satisfaction, increase employee morale and adjust management’s perception of unit productivity.

B4USoar High School program

Through a collaborative effort between the Fox School, the Freire Foundation and Build the Future Education Collaborative, we launched an initiative to recruit students from Freire and Freire Tech high schools to give students the tools and skills they need to succeed in college. The Fox School provides all tuition and fees for the students who will be registered for a general education course, assigns college mentors to the students in the classroom, as well as additional support to their high schools. The Fox School, with support from other university offices, will provide these high schools and their students with workshops on career counseling, financial literacy and college admissions.

Resources allocated: The B4USoar project received $250,000 per year for two years through the TU Strategic Fund in October 2019. A proposal for endowed funding bequeathed by Fox alumni is currently in progress. The school will back the program with one full-time manager and student support, as well as collaboration from staff at the Fox School and across the university.

Short-term goals: In Spring 2020, the school plans to recruit and enroll 30 Freire and Freire Tech students in one of two general education courses in the B4USoar program.

Long-term goals: By 2022, the Fox School hopes to recruit 15 students from 15 public and charter high schools in the neighborhoods surrounding Temple University for a steady state of 225 students per academic year. Students will have multiple general education courses to choose from across the university. The Fox School will work collaboratively with other university offices to support these high schools and their students through workshops on career advice, financial literacy and college admissions.

What success looks like: The goals of the B4USoar are to increase high school students’ success in college courses and affect a measurable change in students’ attitudes and confidence in their ability to be successful in college. The program will also help local high schools meet the Philadelphia School District required career and college preparation hours.

Secondary Pillars: Educational Innovation and Inclusive Culture

Fox School Calendar of Events

To improve transparency and communication throughout the school, the Office of the Dean and Fox IT services recently enhanced the school’s event scheduling system to connect to a master calendar visible to everyone via the TUPortal. The system will make all events public and allow a person entering the system to designate the event’s relevant populations and audiences. All stakeholders holding events on campus will be able to use and see this master calendar, thus increasing efficiency in scheduling, visibility for school events and cross-collaboration between units.

Short-term goals: The Office of the Dean and Fox IT enhanced the calendar and connected it to TU Portal. All events will now be public and will identify appropriate audiences for event attendance. The teams will train Fox faculty and staff on how to use the calendar and socialize its usefulness during Spring 2020.

Long-term goals: With successful implementation and rollout by Fall 2020, the Fox Calendar of Events will have all events visible, promote all of the activities happening on campus, provide greater transparency and support higher levels of engagement and collaboration in Fox and at the university.

What success looks like: This initiative will improve engagement across the various stakeholder groups and more general knowledge of activities occurring at the Fox School.

Secondary pillars: Educational Innovation, Research Leadership, Inclusive Culture

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