Why Choose the Fox School of Business

At the Fox School of Business, leaders from within the industry develop courses and experiences that are on the cutting-edge of today’s marketing world, so you can stay current within your career. With the Master of Science in Marketing, you’ll do more than learn the latest marketing strategies driving the world of business: you’ll gain hands-on experience in applying those strategies to real-world organizations.

Develop Your Ideal Professional Path

Connect with career services that work for you and your goals. At the Fox School of Business, you’ll have access to the Center for Student Professional Development (CSPD), which provides one-on-one career services to help you identify your ideal opportunity, so you can focus on building a rewarding career.

Your personalized career services begin with your first day as a Fox School student, and include:


  • Custom career counseling guides you to the career move aligned with your personal strengths and goals.
  • Resume critiques and interview preparation help polish your professional presentation.
  • Recruitment and networking events offer opportunities to meet and learn about leading organizations.

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