The Fox Master of Financial Analysis delivers a curriculum that develops broad fundamental and quantitative expertise, as well as hands-on experience with financial technology. Accelerate your career through our 10-month full-time pathway. Dedicated CFA Exam modules, industry study packages, and a credit-bearing professional development course will help you prepare for your future in finance. Specific questions about courses or the program’s curriculum? Get answers from a member of the graduate finance programs department.

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Courses in Our Program


Full-Time (10 Months)

Finance Academy (August)
FIN 5602 Corporate Finance (1 credit) FIN 5604 Derivative Markets (1 credit)
FIN 5603 Financial Accounting (1 credit) FIN 5605 Fixed Income (1 credit)
Fall I (Aug-Sep) Fall II (Oct-Nov)
FIN 5675 Professional Development (1 credit) FIN 5601 Financial Technology (1 credit)
FIN 5612 Asset Pricing (1.5 credits) FIN 5615 Data Science in Finance (1.5 credits)
FIN 5613 Derivative Valuation (1.5 credits) FIN 5623 Risk Measurement (1.5 credits)
FIN 5618 Corporate Value Management (1.5 credits) FIN 5627 Financial Econometrics (1.5 credits)
FIN 5671 Financial Analysis I (1.5 credits) FIN 5628 Global Economy (1.5 credits)
Optional: December CFA® Level I
Spring I (Jan-Feb) Spring II (Mar-May)
FIN 5631 Financial Time Series (1.5 credits) FIN 5638 Behavioral Finance (1.5 credits)
FIN 5632 Investment Management (1.5 credits) FIN 5622 Machine Learning in Finance (1.5 credits)
FIN 5637 Applied Corp. Finance (1.5 credits) FIN 5647 Financial Reporting & Analysis (1.5 credits)
FIN 5648 Quantitative Portfolios (1.5 credits) FIN 5672 Financial Analysis II (1.5 credits)
Optional: June CFA® Level II

Finance Academy

Kick off the Master of Science in Financial Analysis with a two-week boot camp session where you’ll set the groundwork for the rest of program. Complete the first four courses of your degree, meet and mingle with peers from other finance master’s programs, and place yourself at the same starting line as your classmates.

  • Takes place in August before the semester begins.
  • Complete four credits over the course of two weeks.
  • Includes Corporate Finance, Financial Accounting, Derivative Markets, and Fixed Income courses.

Timeline & Schedule

Program Start
Fall semester (August)

Course Format
Courses are held in-person. Students will take courses at Alter Hall on Temple University’s Main Campus.

Course Times
Full-time students take day and evening courses on weekdays; part-time students take evening courses on weekdays.

CFA Exam Prep
Prepare for CFA Exam Levels I and II through a curriculum that meets CFA learning objectives and includes dedicated modules and study packages. Classes end with time to study for each part of the exam.

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