Actuarial Exams & VEE Credit

In order to become a credentialed actuary, you will need to pass a series of professional examinations, demonstrate a strong background in other subject areas (VEE requirements), and complete practically oriented modules and a course on professionalism.

For a current list of requirements, see here for the Society of Actuaries (SOA) and here for the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS).

We encourage students to pass Exam P prior to their first Fall semester in the MS/AcSci program, as this significantly improves their chances of landing an actuarial summer internship.

Our curriculum covers the following actuarial exams:

Exam Courses
SOA EXAM FM / CAS EXAM 2 AS 5101 (Theory of Interest)
SOA EXAM IFM / CAS EXAM 3F AS 5106 (Actuarial Corporate Finance)*
AS 5107 (Advanced Theory of Interest)
SOA EXAM LTAM AS 5102 (Actuarial Modeling I)
AS 5103 (Actuarial Modeling II)*
SOA EXAM STAM AS 5104 (Actuarial Modeling III)
SOA EXAM SRM AS 5108 (Actuarial Analytics)
CAS EXAM MAS-I&II AS 5102 (Actuarial Modeling I)
AS 5103 (Actuarial Modeling II)*
AS 5104 (Actuarial Modeling III)
AS 5108 (Actuarial Analytics)

You can also obtain credit for the Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) requirements, through the following (elective) courses:

Requirement Courses
ACCOUNTING & FINANCE AS 5106 (Actuarial Corporate Finance)*
ECONOMICS AS 5105 (Actuarial Economics)*

Note that a minimum grade of B- is required in the course in order to qualify for VEE credit.

(*) Elective
(**) There are numerous ways to earn the VEE credit. Please consult your academic advisor.

What Actuarial Recruiters Care About

Here are some ways in which recruiters can assess your readiness for your future career:

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