Learn how to strategically leverage data to transform data—and rise above the competition to land an in-demand career. The Fox Master of Science in Business Analytics delivers the data analytics expertise and hands-on experience to integrate analytics into business strategy in order to drive profits and model your ideal career.

Admissions Criteria

Candidates for the Fox Business Analytics 4+1 program must meet the following guidelines for admission:

  • Meet the general 4+1 program admissions criteria.
  • Have achieved a grade of B or higher in at least three college-level quantitative courses. These include all non-remedial courses taught in the departments of mathematics, statistical science, management science, or actuarial science; Economics 3501, 3502, 3503, or 3504, Physics 1021, Engineering 1103 and 2300-level courses, and statistic courses throughout the university also qualify.


Courses to Be Completed as an Undergraduate

Undergraduate Year Fall Semester Spring Semester
Junior STAT 5001: Quantitative Methods for Business (3 credits) STAT 5605: Decision Models – From Data to Decisions (3 credits) or STAT 5607: Advanced Business Analytics (3 credits)
Senior STAT 5602: Visualization – The Art of Numbers and the Psychology of Persuasion (3 credits) or STAT 5603: Statistical Learning and Data Mining (3 credits) STAT 5605: Decision Models – From Data to Decisions (3 credits) or STAT 5607: Advanced Business Analytics (3 credits)

Total: 12 credits

Remaining Master’s Requirements

Fall Semester Spring Semester
STAT 5603 or STAT 5602 (if not previously taken)

STAT 5604: Experiments – Knowledge by Design (3 credits)

Elective course (see list below)

STAT 5606: Data – Care, Feeding, and Cleaning (3 credits)

BA 5651: Business Analytics Capstone (3 credits)

Elective course (see list below)

Total: 18 credits

Elective Courses

MIS 5108: Digital Business Strategy
MKTG 5613: Customer Data Analytics I and MKTG 5614: Customer Data Analytics II
MKTG 5617 Market Research I: Foundations of Marketing Research and MKTG 5618: Market Research II: Marketing Intelligence
STAT 8109: Regression, Time Series, and Forecasting for Business Applications
STAT 8111: Survey Techniques for Business Applications
STAT 8116: Categorical Data Analysis
STAT 8122: Advanced SAS Programming

Application Checklist

  • Transcripts demonstrating a GPA of 3.25 or higher and successful completion of course requirements
  • Two letters of support from full-time Temple University faculty members
  • 12 credits of elective space

How to Apply

Complete a Request to Join the 4+1 Program.

Contact Rachel Carr at rachel.carr@temple.edu for more details.