October 19th to 20th

Drexel University, Lebow College of Business

Philadelphia, PA USA

Call for Proposals

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Submissions for the 2018 AIB US NE Conference are due July 31, 2018!

Global entrepreneurs are professionals who use a global understanding of business and connections to recognize cross-cultural opportunities to create new value-added initiatives. The scope of global entrepreneurship goes beyond business creation. Within the non-profit world, global entrepreneurs establish social enterprises that become international. Many global leaders also create value as intrapreneurs who pursue opportunities within the context of an organization.

There are three typical vehicles for creation by global entrepreneurs:

  1. Tapping into commonalities/convergence between cultures and markets
  2. Tapping into differences/divergence between regions to identify comparative advantages
  3. Tapping into networks to create value through platforms allowing formation of global exchange in the supply chain
    The topic of global entrepreneurship allows the international business community a wide range of research challenges

We welcome both scholars and practitioners to join us in Philadelphia, during the peak of the beautiful foliage season, to discuss our theme topic and others, which could include but are not limited to the following:
Artificial Intelligence – global entrepreneurship & innovation

  • Building and growing programs to promote global entrepreneurship
  • Creating and growing multinational NGOs
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation in emerging economies
  • Global ethnology adoption
  • How global entrepreneurship shapes the global supply and value chains
  • How scholars and practitioners impact policymakers with their research on international business, global entrepreneurship, and innovation
  • Identifying and overcoming resource constraints
  • Managing teams and businesses across countries
  • Multinational business development and entrepreneurship
  • Transplanting and adapting business cultures
  • Understanding motivations for starting businesses

We emphasize that while we are particularly interested in proposal abstracts (200 words) on the conference theme, we welcome submissions on any IB topic within the broader international business research agenda.