Reaching a B2B Market with Sustainability Planning SaaS

Many small-to-medium-sized firms do not have the funds to engage full consulting services. However, these companies still seek to implement thriving sustainability programs. To address this need, Sustrana developed an online platform that provided firms with “do it yourself” tools to help them build sustainability programs. Sustrana aimed to gain more traction in the B2B market and understand the best methods to reach potential clients. Read more.



Global Expansion Strategy for Eco Whisper Turbines

Renewable Energy Solutions Australia Holdings Ltd. (RESA) is an emerging provider of clean energy solutions. The company owns, designs, develops, installs, and maintains mid-sized Eco Whisper wind turbines for commercial and industrial customers. Based on Fox Management Consulting’s research, the U.S. was chosen as the most favorable country for RESA to enter. A strategic market entry plan was then developed for RESA to successfully enter the U.S. small wind turbine industry. Read more.

Alencon Systems

Crafting a Business Plan for a Renewable Energy Firm

Alencon Systems is an early stage renewable energy firm that designs and manufactures inverters that improve the efficiency of power plant solar arrays. In 2010, Fox Management Consulting developed a business plan and financial projections for Alencon, and this plan helped to raise an additional $3M venture funding. Read More.