Creating a Business Plan to Promote Growth

After a year of operations, THVI had a clinical team positioned to thrive, but still needed a concrete business plan to successfully compete in a regional, and national, environment. Fox Management Consulting (Fox MC) developed a plan that both guided THVI’s growth and served as a tool for engaging prospective donors. Read more.



Increasing Individual Donor Giving

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is one of the largest and oldest hospitals in the world. The CHOP Foundation, CHOP’s philanthropic arm, engaged Fox MC to evaluate their resource efficiency and expand their use of digital marketing to increase individual donor giving. Read More.


Taking VeraTemp Global

Brooklands is a ten-month old company in Florida run by a small group of investors and entrepreneurs. VeraTemp(+) is the brand name of the non-contact thermometer in Brooklands’ portfolio of medical devices. Fox Management Consulting worked with Brooklands to create an implementation plan that would enable Brooklands to effectively manage their business through a time of drastic internal expansion. Fox MC recommended pursuing a global licensing strategy, which had the highest projected ROI. Since the project, Brooklands has invested $500,000 in marketing and product redesign for VeraTemp. Read more.


Understanding the Real Value in the Biological Microscopy Market

RealView Imaging Ltd. (RealView) is an angel-funded Israeli startup company that has developed an innovative 3D visualization technology. Fox Management Consulting worked with RealView to perform a comprehensive strategic exploration and analysis of industries using scientific visualization techniques. Fox MC identified the biological microscopy segment as the most viable and that RealView pursue a strategic alliance partnership with one of the top software development firms in the microscopy industry. This will allow RealView to expand into other applications such as bioinformatics. Read more.

Partners on the Path

Enhancing the Caregiver’s Capacity to Care

Partners on the Path, LLC (Partners) is a start-up company that offers stress management products and services for caregivers. Fox Management Consulting was engaged to develop a business plan that would give Partners the direction needed to develop its products, operate a scalable and sustainable business plan, and provide much-needed aid to caregivers. Read more.


Developing a Business Plan for a Health Technology Startup

konciergeMD (kMD) is a technology startup with the primary goal of improving patient health outcomes and patient loyalty through an enhanced doctor-patient relationship. Fox Management Consulting was engaged to determine if there was a market need for kMD’s product and overall profitability under various conditions. Fox Management Consulting determined that there is a need for kMD’s product and provided two strategic options to follow. Read more.


A Market Entry Strategy for a Health Technology Startup

Based in Australia, inRemedy is an early-stage technology company with a vision to launch a health-focused mobile and web platform intended to ease the burden of managing chronic diseases. inRemedy was searching for a US market entry strategy for this technology. Fox Management Consulting provided inRemedy a market entry strategy, through two similar, but distinctively separate products. Read more.

Homemaker Services

Developing a Patient Navigator Program

Homemaker Service of the Metropolitan Area, Inc. (HSMA) is a non-profit, community-based organization that has provided high quality services to the disabled and elderly throughout Philadelphia. HSMA was interested in expanding their service offerings in the Greater Philadelphia Community. Fox Management Consulting provided HSMA with strategies to expand their service offerings as well as identifying that Patient Navigation has the opportunity to diversify HSMA’s revenue stream. HSMA is developing internal infrastructure to launch the Patient Navigation opportunity. Read more.

Gift of Life

Enhancing Worldwide Organ and Tissue Donation Rates through Education

The Gift of Life Institute is an international training center for donation professionals offering comprehensive, interdisciplinary resources for skills-based learning, continuing education, collaborative research, and consulting services. The Gift of Life Institute was interested in exploring the potential outcomes and methods of broadening their educational platform.  Fox Management Consulting was able to identify opportunities in the area of succession planning that will enhance the future sustainability of the OPO industry. Read more.

FCCC Partnership

Managing Strategic Partnerships within Comprehensive Cancer Care

Fox Chase Cancer Center (FCCC) is one of the country’s leading cancer research and clinical organizations with a history of over 100 years in cancer treatment and research. Looking to design an optimal business model for their Gastrointestinal Service Line, FCCC was provided with recommendations for current partnerships that will promote sustainability, market share, value, revenue, outcome, and quality. Read more.

FCCC Lung Cancer Screening

Low Dose CT Scan for Lung Cancer Screening

Fox Chase Cancer Center (FCCC) is one of the country’s leading cancer research and clinical organizations with a history of over 100 years in cancer treatment and research. FCCC engaged Fox Management Consulting to assess the market and the available offerings for low dose CT scan lung cancer screening. FCCC was provided with a comprehensive marketing plan, detailed financial model, and opportunities for grant funding. Read more.

FCCC Department of Genetics

Expanding Genetic Risk Assessment, Counseling, and Testing Services

Fox Chase Cancer Center (FCCC) is one of the country’s leading cancer research and clinical organizations with a history of over 100 years in cancer treatment and research. Fox Management Consulting was tasked with developing an expansion plan for Fox Chase’s genetic risk assessment, counseling, and testing services. Fox Management Consulting provided a strategy that included strengthening the Department of Genetics operational foundation to provide risk assessment services more cost effectively and to expand in phases. FCCC has since invested $150,000 to implement Fox MC’s plan and hired a member of the student team to continue with the project. Read more.

FCCC Bariatrics

Establishing a “Best-In-Competition” Bariatric Surgery Program

Temple Health Bariatric Program is a weight loss and metabolic surgical service line operating in two locations. Fox Chase Cancer Center aimed at establishing a “Best-In-Competition” bariatric program. Fox Management Consulting provided a long term renewable business model for increasing volume in the programs patient pipeline as well as a strategic plan that focused on “Best-In-Competition” strategies, capabilities and marketing tactics that Fox Chase will need to drive sustainable long-term patient volumes. Read more.

Cyrus XP

Improving Managed Long-Term Care through Technology

Cyrus-XP is a health information technology company that seeks to improve healthcare quality for all individuals through advanced technology. It offers the Lychee software platform as a service, which provides care managers, patients, and caregivers with a solution to integrate all technology aspects needed to efficiently provide Managed Long-term Care (MLTC). Fox Management Consulting helped Cyrus-XP grow its Lychee platform by developing a five-year strategy and business plan, accompanied with a financial model and an investor deck. Read More.

The Birth Center

Service Line Expansion

The Birth Center (TBC) opened its doors to the community as the first out-of-hospital, freestanding birthing facility in 1978. Fox Management Consulting was engaged to examine strategic opportunities while testing the feasibility of expanding into new lines of service. The Birth Center was provided with critical information on developing a new location for the expanded services and market opportunities. Read more.