Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan for Family-Owned Grocer

Mainstream retailers have recognized the opportunity for growth by expanding their organic product selections. There are also new distribution channels, such as home delivery, which are a threat to consumer loyalty for the KWF brand. KWF engaged Fox Management Consulting (Fox MC) to develop a strategic marketing plan that enables KWF to succeed in this increasingly competitive landscape. Read more.


Developing Retail Distribution for a Social Enterprise

Sari Bari is building a distribution channel strategy that focuses on wholesaling to retailers. Sari Bari partnered with Fox Management Consulting (Fox MC) to develop a marketing strategy for reaching more US consumers and expanding its retail presence throughout the United States. Read more.


Defining a Market for CSAs

The CCEDC engaged Fox MC to develop a marketing plan for regional Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs that have farmed for less than 10 years. The team conducted extensive primary and secondary research to determine the target market for CSAs, articulate a unique value proposition, and create a guide to help new CSAs position and market themselves effectively to expand their CSA memberships and reduce member turnover. Read more.



Creating Value Through Sustainability

Wawa, Inc. operates more than 570 convenience stores throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. Fox Management Consulting worked with Wawa to develop a business case for future and green initiatives. Since the project’s conclusion, Wawa is integrating sustainability communication into plans for new stores in established and new markets. Read more.


Entering the Sharing Economy

Setaway is an early-stage start-up company that aims to be the leader in Peer-to-Peer Recreational Vehicle rentals. Fox Management Consulting provided Setaway with the fundamental information needed to create an effective and differentiated market entry, business plan and financial projections. Read more.


Developing an Earned Income Venture for a Non-Profit

MANNA is a Philadelphia non-profit that strives to improve the overall health of those suffering from acute illness and nutritional deficiencies. MANNA needed reliable and sustainable streams of revenue to continue its mission. Fox Management Consulting found that MANNA could leverage its underutilized assets, logistics, and suppliers to create a for-profit meal delivery service. The Board of Directors approved Fox Management Consulting’s business plan for MANNA and Nourish To Go was launched. Read more.

Ligne Roset

South Florida Market Expansion

Ligne Roset is a French contemporary, high-end furniture manufacturer with 26 ‘franchised’ single-line stores in the United States. Fox Management Consulting was engaged to explore and recommending a sequence of South Florida markets in which Ligne Roset can expand. Fox MC provided expansion suggestions as well as suggesting several changes to the POS system. Ligne Roset has used this information and acquired a new store in New York City. Read more.

Cooper Beer

Tapping into the United States Home Brewing Market

Since 1977, the Australian-based Coopers Brewery has successfully manufactured and sold its homebrew kits and ingredients in 26 countries worldwide. Coopers engaged Fox Management Consulting to identify ways to maximize sales of their homebrew kits and ingredients in the United States. Coopers was provided with a go-to market strategy for a new market of recreational homebrewers as well as strategies to innovate the traditional homebrewing supply chain. Read more.


Improving Turnover Among Direct Sales Representatives

Comcast Corporation is a leader in media and technology. Comcast engaged Fox Management Consulting to identify why DSRs terminate with Comcast and to recommend tactics for reducing the DSR turnover rate. Comcast was provided with specific recommendations for reducing the overall turnover rate as well as a Cost of Turnover model, which evaluates the financial implications and cost-savings related to a reduction in the turnover rate. Read more.


Embracing Retail in Correctional Facilities

ARAMARK Correctional Services (ACS) is a division of ARAMARK that provides a wide range of food, commissary, facility and other customized support solutions to over 500 correctional facilities across North America. Fox Management Consulting provided ARAMARK with a detailed strategy that created a sustainable window of opportunity to increase ACS’s market share in the correctional commissary market. Following the project, ACS has made a $250,000 investment to implement the project. Read more.

Alpha Office Supplies

Growing the Double Bottom Line for an Office Supply Company

Alpha Enterprise Group provides office supplies, furniture, flooring, janitorial supplies, paper, computers and accessories to government, non-profit and commercial entities. Fox Management Consulting provided Alpha with a strategic plan to identify, assess and capture growth opportunities. As a result, Alpha received a $500,000 line of credit helped by the financial work completed by Fox MC. Read more.