Aug 15 • 4 min read

Transitioning into college life is a huge step. Here are some common challenges new students encounter during their college journey, and resources that can help overcome them. 

Time Management 

Leaving behind the fixed, rigid schedules of high school and learning to navigate the freedom of college can lead to some time management blunders. Students who have never had to utilize time management skills before may find themselves struggling to manage their time between social and academic obligations in college. 

Temple’s Student Success Center (SSC) offers an array of resources for students struggling with time management, such as a course tracker, semester at a glance and weekly schedule templates. Students can also schedule academic coaching appointments through the SSC to help develop skills necessary for success, like time management, organization and studying. 

Temple’s bookstore also has various planners available for purchase (like this adorable Temple-themed one!) to help students track their responsibilities and upcoming assignments.  

Mental Well-Being 

College students face a lot of pressure—academic and financial stress, social pressure and general uncertainty, just to name a few. So it’s not uncommon for students to feel their mental health slipping from time to time. 

Tuttleman Counseling Services (TCS) can be an important free resource for currently registered students. TCS provides eight main services to help students learn new skills and address their personal concerns. Aside from these services, students can also utilize resources compiled by TCS online, such as online screenings and a helpful apps list

Temple also has a Wellness Resource Center (WRC) available to students, which provides wellness education, resources and prevention services. 

Academic Stress

Sometimes, students just need a little academic support outside of class in order to flourish. If students find themselves struggling with final essays or having difficulty grasping concepts in class, stopping by the Student Success Center (SSC) could help. 

The Fox School has its own Business Communications Center (BCC). The BCC offers one-on-one tutoring online and in-person to help Fox and STHM students become better communicators in their course assignments, presentations, scholarship essays and cover letters. 

For additional writing guidance, head to SSC’s Writing Center, where students can refine their written works with student tutors. This teaching-driven environment aims to teach students writing techniques they can continue to use for years to come. 

Online, students have access to 24/7 video course content available through the Fox School Video Vault. Students can simply use their accessnet username and password to view a compilation of short faculty lectures, searchable by course, topic, resource or faculty member. This can be an excellent resource for Fox School students seeking to reinforce course concepts. 

Navigating New Surroundings 

Exploring campus can be an exciting and overwhelming experience, especially when the campus is back in full swing with activity everywhere. With so much going on, new students may find it difficult to locate exactly where they need to go on campus and what they’d like to get involved in. 

For difficulty navigating the main campus, Temple has online maps that make it easy for new students to locate academic buildings, residence halls and more. Incoming students can also take an online virtual tour of main campus before arriving in person this fall. 

Budgeting & Finances

Many college students face financial challenges like student loans and rent. While financial planning likely isn’t at the forefront of new students’ minds, college is a time to begin practicing positive financial behaviors to help minimize debt and increase savings. 

To help students develop financial literacy skills, Temple’s Student Financial Services provides students with detailed budgeting techniques to live within their means. 

Students also have access to the Cherry Pantry, a resource that combats food insecurity in the Temple community by providing emergency food to all those who visit. 

Finding Your Crowd

One of the biggest points of excitement for incoming students is often the social aspect of college—networking, meeting new people and forging strong friendships. Joining organizations is a great way for new students to make connections. 

Students can utilize OwlConnect to help navigate the many student clubs and organizations on campus. The Fox School also has various professional student organizations, which serve as great networking opportunities for incoming students in their respective fields of study. 

Temple also has resources for transfer, international and veteran students.

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