Jul 15 • 3 min read

Uprooting your bedroom to live in university housing can be a lot more work than just buying a backpack and calling it a day. But, it is an exciting step into adulthood and getting your college experience off on the right track.

Whether you’re a returning student or incoming freshman, here are 10 dorm essentials you should add to your packing list. 

  1. Bedding & Pillows

Temple has two different bed sizes in its residence halls: standard twin and twin XL. So, before purchasing any sheets or a comforter, make sure you’re buying the right size! 

Standard twin (75” X 39”): 

1300 Residence Hall 1st through 3rd floors.  

Twin XL (80” X 39”): 

1300 Residence Hall 4th and 5th floors, 1940 Residence Hall, Morgan Hall, Johnson & Hardwick Halls, White Hall and Temple Towers. 

Alongside bed sheets and a comforter, make sure to bring pillows and pillowcases, as well as a spare set of sheets and blankets as you see fit. 

  1. Mattress Topper

Not all mattresses have equal comfort, so add an extra layer of cushion to your dorm mattress this year with a mattress topper. Your bed is where you’ll be falling asleep each night and waking up each morning, so it’s important to feel comfortable in your bed in order to be well-rested. 

  1. Laundry Hamper & Supplies 

Every residence hall at Temple has washers and dryers that can be paid for using quarters or Diamond Dollars—you just need a bag to carry your things to the laundry room and supplies like detergent, dryer sheets and stain removers. 

  1. Trash Can and Bags 

Temple does not provide students with trash cans for each room. To avoid having to walk all the way to your dorm’s trash room whenever you want to throw something away, it would be wise to bring your own trash can and bags for convenience. 

  1. Reusable Water Bottle 

Whether you’re sitting in your dorm room or studying in a lounge, carrying around a reusable water bottle is incredibly useful. Staying hydrated is important, and having a portable water bottle makes it easy to quickly refill in the dining hall or water fountains across campus. 

  1. Surge Protector

Living in the same building as hundreds of other students, dorm buildings might be more prone to frequent power surges than other buildings. Consider buying a surge protector to protect your electronics from potential power surges while also gaining the ability to plug multiple devices in at once. 

  1. Cleaning Supplies

From studying to socializing, you may find it gets difficult to keep up with the messes that can easily accumulate. Starting small with supplies like a vacuum, disinfectant wipes and a broom may be a good starting point to keep your place tidy. 

  1. First Aid Kit 

Common colds and minor injuries don’t stop when you’re on campus. Simply having a little kit of medical supplies, like bandaids, Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen, a thermometer and cold medicine can save you from frequent trips to CVS when you’re feeling under the weather.  

  1. Shower Supplies

If you will be using communal bathrooms next year, consider purchasing a shower caddy or bag to keep your supplies organized and easy to transport to and from the bathroom. Also, make sure you have plenty of towels, and possibly even a robe to cover up and dry off. 

  1. Stash of Face Masks

Temple’s mask mandates have changed over the past two years, so it’s best to at least have a stash of face masks to wear as required.