May 24 • 3 min read

If your small business isn’t on YouTube, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to get lots of eyes on your brand. There are over two billion users on YouTube, and they watch over one billion hours of video every single day. It’s easy to set up an account and get started right away!

Why choose YouTube?

YouTube is the second most-visited website in the world, with only Google seeing more visits.   68% of YouTube users have watched YouTube to help with a purchase decision. The content on the platform reaches consumers of all ages. One in three adults aged 57-75 go to YouTube to learn more about products or services they’re considering, and the platform reaches more 18-34-year-olds than any TV network. You can use YouTube to reach consumers right in your neighborhood, as well as users across the world.

How can I get started on YouTube?

Before you get started, first you need to decide if YouTube is the right choice for your business. Do you have the bandwidth to create quality and regular video content? Is your target audience using YouTube to make purchasing decisions? If the answer to those questions is yes, it’s probably a good time to get your business on YouTube.

You’ll want to create a business profile. Use a custom name that matches your business or brand. Upload a profile picture of your logo, a description of your business, and a link to your website and social media profiles. You’ll also want to upload a banner image that showcases your business.

Before you post your first video, check out what your competition is doing and search the web for content inspiration. Set achievable goals and objectives and create a strategy that works towards meeting them.

What should I post on YouTube?

With YouTube, you want to focus on quality over quantity. Your videos should be honest, authentic, and human. Be clear and concise and try to make a strong impression in the first 15 seconds! What you post is up to you, but some tried and tested ideas include behind the scenes, meet the team, testimonials, and how-to videos and tutorials. Make sure the space you shoot in is free from clutter, well-lit, and relatively quiet. You can use a microphone to make sure your voice comes through clearly.

Once you start creating content, you can promote your videos on social media and on your website. Engage with your audience and take note of the content they like best. If your audience likes a particular video, try and make more like it.

How can I learn more?

YouTube has lots of tools to help you succeed on the platform. You can find education and inspiration on YouTube Creators. You can review the basics, learn about advertising, and get tips and tricks on growing your audience.

You can also join the Temple SBDC for our Youtube Basics webinar. This webinar will go over the basics of using the YouTube video platform and discuss ways to improve your business presence. Register here.

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