May 17 • 2 min read
Yashanda Bennett

Yashanda Bennett first came to the Temple SBDC in February 2020.  She had started her business, Prolific Designs 3, the year prior, becoming an official LLC in 2019. What began as a small event décor company has grown into a full-service lifestyle brand. 

Bennett knew she wanted to grow her small décor company and came to Temple SBDC for start-up assistance, looking for help with ways of organizing and structuring her growing business. She wanted to expand Prolific Designs 3 to encompass a wide range of products and services, including event décor, home services, and luxury travel.  

To successfully expand the Prolific brand, Bennett enlisted the services of our Legal Clinic, which she is currently utilizing for a second time this semester! What started as Prolific Designs 3 has grown into a much wider platform of businesses and services, which include Prolific Design, which provides services related to rental staging and interior and exterior décor with designers; Prolific Home, which provides co-hosting services for short-term rentals, landscaping, laundry, and cleaning/reset; and Prolific Odyssey, which provides services related to luxury travel!  

The mission for Prolific is “To bring a sensational atmosphere to home, travel, events + décor, through designs + creativity!”  To achieve this, Bennett continues to grow her skill set professionally as she works to grow her businesses by using the SBDC and additional resources to expand her business acumen, which allows her to provide top-notch service to her clients! When she first came to the Temple SBDC, she was a certified travel agent, and she continues to work towards achieving all of her business goals, one of which was attaining her real estate license, which she recently accomplished! 

Since working with the Temple SBDC, she has attended numerous webinars, participated in our Legal Clinic, and has taken BRIGHT our 6-week business planning course. She has also worked with her consultant Elaina on writing and refining her business plan, which included working on industry research, market research, target market research, and competitor research.

Most recently, she’s begun taking interior design courses and is working on creating a website to showcase the Prolific brand. She has applied to our Digital Connect Program and hopes to be connected with university students who can provide website assistance. Temple SBDC looks forward to continuing to work with Bennett as she continues to grow her businesses!

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