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Shelby Green

Writing is critical across all business functions—from accounting to marketing to human resource management and beyond. In addition to working with numbers, careers in business often include conducting research, documenting findings and creating reports and presentations—and of course, writing emails. This is where refining your written and verbal communication skills is key.

We sat down with Fox senior and Business Communication Center (BCC) peer tutor coordinator and actuarial science and risk management and insurance double major Shelby Green to learn about challenges students have and steps they can take to fine-tune their papers and presentations.

“The most common types of peer tutoring requests are to check grammar and spelling on writing assignments,” says Green, who coordinates training and schedules of nine tutors—all trained to offer editing and presentation support.

Green recommends these top 3 things students should do to preliminarily review a paper or presentation:

  1. Read your paper out loud: When you read out loud, you are more likely to catch grammar mistakes that you would skim over when reading silently.
  2. Ask yourself, “Is this sentence relevant?”: One of the hardest things about business writing is that it requires the writer to be as concise as possible. Students can guard against topic drift by asking if every sentence is relevant to the prompt.
  3. Put it away: Take a break after editing an assignment or practicing a presentation and then come back to it 30 minutes (or more!) later. You’re likely to catch a few mistakes you missed when your eyes were glazing over from staring at your computer screen.

“Students are very receptive to peer tutor feedback especially because we all have to take writing-intensive courses,” Green continued.

Feedback the BCC has received on its peer tutors includes:

  • “…very helpful in providing insights on how to properly fix my paragraphs and grammatical errors.”
  • “…helped me go though both my paper and catch mistakes I would not even think of.”
  • “…gained great insight into writing a LinkedIn article.”

Sessions are free and offered in-person or virtual—so what are you waiting for?

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