Dec 6 • 2 min read
Alter Hall

With the aim of being a catalyst for entrepreneurship and opportunity in the fields of accounting and financial management, the Fox School of Business is excited to announce the Stanley C. Middleman Center for Innovation in Accounting. Through the generous gift of Stanley C. Middleman, BBA ’76, the new center positions the Fox School as a world-class leader in innovative and impactful accounting and financial management.

Middleman, founder and CEO of the Freedom Mortgage Corporation, established the Center with the mission of identifying trends in business, accounting and financial management and providing thought-leadership and education in practical applications in accounting and financial management.

“It is important to me that the fund will have a lasting impact,” Middleman says. “This offers a return on investment for the Fox School. There are gifts that do good, but once the fund is used up they are done. I wanted this fund to have a lasting positive financial impact and this is something that keeps generating revenue.”

The fund was specifically created to support the continued growth and success of the Department of Accounting. Middleman is designed to provide for content development, marketing, faculty support and online program development.

Middleman sees the center as an investment in student education. It also helps create the financial resources to develop and deliver sustainable programming at the Fox School.

“The center will be on the cutting-edge of determining and promoting the best practices and driving change in the industry,” says Elizabeth A. Gordon, chair of the department. Gordon hopes the fund can help create and develop undergraduate and masters-level programs that draw students and provide quality accounting education.

According to Gordon, the Center initially will help fund master’s programs that are currently at different stages of development such as the Master of Science in Accounting and Financial Management that will be launched in fall 2022. The Department of Accounting is examining other areas of industry as well as interdisciplinary partnerships at Temple for effectiveness and profitability in the competitive higher education marketplace.

Middleman graduated from Temple in 1976 with a degree in accounting. In addition to his role leading Freedom Mortgage, Middleman serves on the Residential Board of Governors for the Mortgage Bankers Association.

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