Jul 20 • 1 min read

Allow me to extend a warm welcome to everyone in this first almost-normal-after-covid newsletter. It has been a tumultuous period for everyone, working and studying largely from home, but our Fox Analytics community pulled through with more than just aplomb—they pulled through with panache! Actually, we capitalized on the remote requirements to hold virtual coffee hours with mixed alumni and current students, virtual career panels, workshops, and to host guest speakers.  We had our first large data science conference that was co-sponsored by Fox and Wells Fargo, and it will become an annual tradition both in-person and online. 

In addition to internal events, we are seeing a dramatic shift in terms of demand for analytics talent. Covid has convinced many companies that remote work is acceptable, and now companies are willing to look farther afield for talent than they were before, and they are also increasingly willing to allow people to stay remote.  This can be a win-win for both employee and company, as the company may pay a somewhat lower wage than in the high-priced Valley area, while the employee may still get a premium over what local firms are paying in their locality.  One way or another, what we are not seeing is flagging demand for analytics talent.  In fact, most analytics (haha) show increasing demand and unfilled jobs continuing into the future. 

I am confident that the future looks bright for Analytics graduates, especially Fox Analytics graduates, whether from the MSBA or the MS Statistics and Data Science.  This past year, we updated both programs, changing around some courses to make each program even more market-facing.  As our graduates continue on their paths to success, we stand committed to supporting each one of them on their journey.