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With the release of his single, “Un1ty: An Anthem for Humanity,” Rushil Vishwanathan, Class of 2023, draws from the music that has surrounded him since he was a child. He comes from a musical family, but early on, he only saw music as a hobby. It was not until he started to sing, become more proficient in piano and guitar, and discovered different types of music that his hobby evolved into a passion.

Rushil Vishwanathan

In the summer of 2019, Vishwanathan released his first original song “G.O.D. (Good Old Days).” This was the pivotal moment when he realized he wanted to combine a career in music with his business studies.

As an international business major with a concentration in entrepreneurship, Vishwanathan finds that his lessons in the classroom mirror his personal entrepreneurial journey.

“I do see the similarities between music and my business studies at the Fox School,” says Vishwanathan. “Essentially, I’m my own business. I market my music, manage my brand and nurture relationships—all of which are essential to the business world.”

The inspiration behind “Un1ty: An Anthem for Humanity” was born from the COVID-19 quarantine. Introspection ruled Vishwanathan during this time. As he thought about why the world works in the way it does, he wanted to write a song that everyone could relate to.

“I channeled my feelings regarding the events that took place over the last year into a song,” explains Vishwanathan. “I believe that music transcends all barriers. Even though I only have a basic knowledge of Hindi and Spanish, I added verses in multiple languages to try to connect with more people around the world and to challenge myself creatively. I am thankful to family and friends for helping me with the translation and pronunciation.”

Vishwanathan shared that music across all genres inspires him. Some recent artists he listens to include SZA, ZAYN, Finneas, Charlie Puth, and two artists in the Indian music space named Shreya Ghoshal and Arijit Singh.

While he uses these artists as a springboard to nurture his musical compositions, he expressed how the Fox School taught him the importance of networking to nurture his business relationships. “I have grown more confident in that aspect of my personal and professional career,” says Vishwanathan. “I have been able to create opportunities for myself that would not have been possible otherwise.”

“I have also learned that I can balance being both a musical artist and entrepreneur,” he continued. “I already have new ideas that I am excited to explore. I believe that with my education through the Fox School and my creative mind, I can blend both creative passions and build a career with multiple streams of income.”

He hopes that more people listen and share “Un1ty: An Anthem for Humanity” so that it can have a greater impact on the world. 

Vishwanathan has grown his social media following on multiple platforms. Listeners can stream “Un1ty: An Anthem For Humanity” on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. They can also follow his musical journey on his website and on Instagram and TikTok.

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