Nov 19 • 2 min read

Dear Friends of the Department of Accounting,

Betsy Gordon

Hello! Warm greetings from Philadelphia. Even in this unusual time with COVID-19, our students, faculty, and staff are busy with classes and activities. This newsletter will inform you about some new initiatives in our program, introduce you to some outstanding new accounting faculty members and boast about some of our faculty’s major accomplishments. As faculty, alumni, recruiters, supporters and stakeholders of the Department of Accounting at the Fox School of Business, we have so much for which we should be proud and grateful.

For starters, we had another strong year for hiring, adding two new faculty. Joining the Department is Enrique Gomez, who earned his PhD in accounting at the University of Georgia and brings his expertise in disclosure, regulation and capital markets. We also hired Sherry Williams, who earned her DBA from the Fox School, and shares years of experience in risk and control in the classroom.

As a department, we were again very successful in the classroom and in research. Jayanthi Krishnan started a term as the Senior editor of Accounting: A Journal of Practice and Theory, a top journal in auditing. In the past year, our faculty published, or accepted for publication, numerous articles in top-tier accounting research journals in areas such as auditor litigation, banking and loan loss reserves, perquisites in nonprofit organizations and measuring investment opportunities using textual analysis of the financial statement. Faculty also have made virtual presentations of very promising working papers at top conferences and universities.

This coming year, we are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of our Master of Accountancy (MAcc) program. The program, directed by Sheri Risler, is going strong and recently had its first Elijah Watt Sells Award candidate, Morgan Hyman.  

We are especially excited to launch the Master of Science in Taxation (MST), a joint collaboration between the Beasley School of Law and the Fox School. This program will be accepting its first class for the Fall 2021, so more to come! 

I am humbled and honored to serve as the chair of such an incredible group of faculty, delivering programs for outstanding students, and (hopefully) making our alumni, recruiters, and other stakeholders very proud of Temple University, the Fox School of Business and the Department of Accounting. Much of our success is attributable to the support we receive from our generous stakeholders.

Our success is also attributable to the dedicated efforts of our Department’s staff. Day in and day out, Caehlin Bell, Vanessa Couvertier and Quiana Williams work so hard to enable the faculty and students to succeed.

As always, you will get full disclosure in footnotes from Fox. Go Owls!

Best regards,

Betsy Gordon

Professor and Chair

Department of Accounting