Nov 23 • 2 min read
Colleen Zboray

“I can’t believe this is my job.”  Colleen Zboray, recently hired as Director of Business Strategy and Development at Baylor College of Medicine’s BCM Ventures, started her career in healthcare as a pharmaceutical sales rep, later entering administration.  When the industry declined and job competition became fierce, she wanted to upgrade her skills, so she enrolled in Temple University’s masters program for innovation management and entrepreneurship (“IME MS”).  

In the program, Colleen learned what innovation means in the marketplace, how to manage the process of innovation and prioritize ideas, and what startups need to commercialize ideas into a business.  She also practiced working as part of an innovative team.  To obtain her degree while employed full time, she took 6 credits of classes a semester for 5 semesters; one reason she was attracted to the IME MS is that it’s about ⅔ the credits of an MBA.

When looking to relocate from New Jersey to Texas, the job at BMC Ventures instantly caught her eye.  After the interview, she was thrilled to be offered the job in less than a week.  Although Covid-19 forced her to work from home shortly after she started, she now has the opportunity to work on a variety of initiatives.

Colleen has stayed involved with Temple’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute as a reviewer for our annual Idea Competition and Be Your Own Boss Bowl business competition, and she would love to connect with recent IME MS graduates coming to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Houston.  Asked about her experience in the program, she says: “In today’s uncertain business climate, anyone who doesn’t have a secure plan B for marketing their skills is at risk of being left behind.  For those who are looking to amp their expertise, the IME program at Temple offers practical tools for contributing in the new world marketplace- whether as an Entrepreneur or Business Leader.”

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