May 15 • 1 min read

In 2019, the Fox Analytics Student Association (FASA) became a Fox student professional organization (SPO). Born out of appreciation for data analytics, the organization brings like-minded people together and creates an atmosphere of knowledge sharing to build a stronger network among MSBA students and alumni. FASA hosts panel discussions, guest speakers and social events such as a meet and greet with Professor Eric Eisenstein, director of the MSBA program. Apart from building skillsets for its members, FASA adheres to a strong value system. Its members believe in giving back, and last year the organization made a hefty donation to the Temple Cherry Pantry.

FASA is a fairly young and extremely welcoming organization. Its vision is to bridge the gap between the analytics industry and Fox students, as well as to realize the practical implications of data management, machine learning and statistics. FASA leadership is trying to extend its associations with different organizations such as thes bioinformatics studio.

”FASA is a newly formed Fox Business School graduate SPO established in 2019. FASA’s main goals include enriching the data analytics learning experience, and providing professional development opportunities for students passionate about all things statistics, data science and machine learning,” says FASA President Qiannan (Gina) Zhao.

If you would like to register with FASA or to learn more, please send a message to

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