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Fox School launches podcast; available via Apple, Google, Spotify and other platforms

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Catalyst is a new podcast series from Temple’s University’s Fox School of Business.

PHILADELPHIA, April 20, 2020 — What is my company doing with my data? Will robots really take my job? How does a trade tariff actually affect me?

They’re questions that many of us have contemplated, but for most the answers remain a mystery. That’s where Catalyst can help.

Catalyst is a new podcast series from Temple’s University’s Fox School of Business. Launched in late March, the podcast taps into faculty expertise and research to address relevant topics facing the workforce and business community.

“At the Fox School, we pride ourselves on our faculty’s cutting-edge research, but for the general population that research is not always easy to digest,” says Tiffany Sumner, director of communications at the school and the podcast’s host. “Catalyst translates that research so listeners can apply those insights to their own lives.”

The new podcast series, now available for download, focuses on a wide variety of issues facing today’s working professionals. For example, the most-recent episode, “Breastfeeding in the Workplace,” focuses on research from Fox alumna Sabrina Volpone to show how both companies and employees benefit when breastfeeding mothers are given the time and space needed to pump comfortably at the office. 

The episode, which debuted Monday, April 20, outlines how pumping breastmilk in the office is still seen as a taboo topic for many working mothers. However, companies and organizations that have supported their breastfeeding employees have also reaped many benefits.

Additional topics for Catalyst’s first season include “AI for evil. AI for good,” “Tariffs, Trade Wars and You” and other topics. Subscribe today!

The podcast is produced by Evo Terra, Megan Alt, Anna Batt and Stephen Orbanek with help from Karen Naylor and Parul Seth. It’s edited by Terra and Simpler Media Productions. For more information, visit fox.temple.edu/catalyst.


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