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There are many ways to achieve your goals, and if you’re a creative type, you may choose to find revenue streams outside of your passions and hobbies.

If you want to take the next step professionally (whether or not you know what that step is) or change the trajectory of your future career, sharpening critical thinking and analytical skills can help you get there. One way to start on that path is pursuing a master’s degree. 

With the Fox Masters in Management (MIM) program, the school has developed a 12-month program to give non-business undergraduate degree holders with less than three years’ work experience a leg up. It can help high performing social science, STEM or liberal arts students who are interested in increasing their career prospects and starting salary. 

Nicholas Dix, associate director of Fox MBA and MS programs, knows about the power of pursuing educational opportunities to open professional doors. “I got my undergrad degree in political science,” Dix says. “Without using my master’s program to identify new career goals—including leading the business of higher education—I wouldn’t be here today.” 

The program combines business education with the strong critical thinking and analytical skills developed in undergraduate curriculums across all degree programs such as education, history, philosophy, English or dance. MiM will empower students to draw insights from data and will reinforce soft skills like interpersonal communication, teamwork, emotional intelligence and persuasion. 

“A liberal arts background complements business,” says Anthony Seeton, assistant professor and academic director of the MiM program. “It also allows students who have a passion for a particular industry—theater, for example—to still be involved in that industry in a different way.”

Seeton explains that, between the skill-building and networks made along the way, students will have the tools they need to be nimble and have flexibility in their careers. Through experiential opportunities like case studies, site visits, industry speakers and more, students will come out knowing they “learned by doing.” 

Along with experiential learning, students will grow with like-minded peers. Courses are cohorted, creating a community to provide support as they embark on this next phase in their careers. Guidance will also come from experienced faculty and Fox School resources, like the Center for Student Professional Development (CSPD). CSPD will give MiM students the tools and resources they need to find a great job that they are excited and passionate about. 

These new skills, built-in network and guidance are not only attractive to students looking for direction—they are beneficial to employers as well. “Courses will show students how to learn from their mistakes, and understand how to work through complex issues,” says Seeton. “Companies are looking to hire problem solvers who can think critically and reflect on their decision-making processes. That’s key.” 

The creation of programs like MiM reaffirms the Fox School’s commitment, via the Strategic Plan 2025, to provide students with an impactful educational experience. Regardless of their career path, Fox will help prepare them for an agile, nimble and successful tomorrow.

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