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This fall, the Fox School of Business implemented the Fox Leadership Development Program (FLDP) for undergraduate students. This program was designed to strengthen student skill sets and encourage co-curricular engagement in the spirit of the mission and vision of the school.

Students earn points for activities, event attendance, and accomplishments at varying levels in FLDP. The program focuses on the competency areas of Community Engagement, Financial Literacy, Global Awareness, and Personal/Professional Development. Students track their progress and share their accolades with peers, advisors, and employers using Suitable, an impact measurement tool for academic institutions.

In addition to the FLDP achievements created by the Fox School, MSCM offers opportunities for students to earn career-focused credentials to enhance their resumes and LinkedIn profile:

  • Consumer Insights – Expands Marketing student skills in the field of marketing research by developing technical skills and the ability to analyze, understand, and predict consumer behavior using analytical tools, models, and databases
  • Sales Force Effectiveness – Marketing and Business majors learn how to become influential entrepreneurs or managers, developing skills in client service, negotiation, self-management, communication, and problem solving
  • Supply Chain Management – Marketing and Business majors develop communication, negotiation, and leadership skills; and learn how to optimize business processes to meet the demand for supply chain professionals

Career-focused experiences allow undergraduate students to specialize in lieu of declaring majors and concentrations. For the career-focused badges, students complete two required courses, choose from a menu of optional courses, and submit reflections of their experience to the department.

MSCM also offered “Quant Camp” in fall 2017, led by assistant professor of practice, Christopher Monos. This 10-session workshop focused on enhancing technical abilities of students by training them to use SPSS statistical software and Excel to analyze survey data.

“These kind of badges are exactly what we had in mind when we created FLDP and partnered with Suitable,” says Charles Allen, assistant dean of undergraduate programs at the Fox School. “The ability to supplement classroom learning, and have students improve skills they need to become an asset in any organization, is the real value proposition behind our program.”

FLDP allows students to demonstrate to prospective employers that they have intentionally guided their own professional development to align with their career path, and as such, develop the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their future career.

MSCM will continue to develop FLDP badges and offer events and activities that help our students succeed.

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