Feb 19 • 2 min read

Many of you have probably seen emails hit your inbox talking about the EMBA Global C-Suite Series, and wondering what it’s all about, so we are here to explain! The Global C-Suite Series is a co-curricular initiative that invites all Executive MBA students in Philadelphia, around the world, as well as alumni, who are looking to learn about a new topic of interest to them or wish to gain additional skill sets to apply in the workplace. Topics for the series are based off student feedback and emerging global market trends.

We kicked off the start to the New Year with a workshop held by Dr. Bertrand Guillotin on Artificial Intelligence (AI), a topic that continues to make headlines in professional business presses throughout the world.
‘Artificial Intelligence: Hype or Reality?’ was a series of videos and supplementary articles that culminated in a final live video session to interact with Dr. Guillotin.

The workshop dove deep into AI’s impact on key industries, including healthcare and transportation, and students even witnessed Sophia, Saudi Arabia’s robot created by Hanson Robotics who actually received Saudi citizenship in October 2017.

Some of the questions that were raised as we witnessed these recent developments are whether we, as humans, are ready to build a trust with and live alongside robots [like Sophia]? Will they take away our jobs, or will they prove to be more of an asset?

If you were unable to attend the workshop and still want to learn more about AI and its potential revolutionary impact on business strategy and the workplace, you can view the live session here.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming workshops over coming months, which include topics such as digital marketing analytics.

If you have an idea for a topic you would like to learn more about, please submit your suggestions here.