Oct 31 • 3 min read

Did you know your EMBA degree can take you around the world while you’re still a student? In collaboration with our international partner institutions, EMBA students have the opportunity to fully-immerse themselves in other cultures and study alongside local students in Paris, Bogotá, Tokyo, Casablanca, and Philadelphia.

An exchange experience allows students to learn about business from a different perspective; delve into another culture; and network with students, faculty, and professionals from across the globe. Students can choose to take up to two courses at our international locations, based on which classes best suit their academic and professional plans.

We asked Amy Cordone, Julien Laemmel, and Angelica Rubio to highlight their exchange experiences at our partner site, École des Ponts in Paris, France.

The Paris cohort was a very small group in comparison to the Philadelphia cohort, but very welcoming. I had the opportunity to work on a group assignment and it was very interesting to see how they experience the class and what they look to get out of the class, versus how we do this in Philadelphia. There was a lot more class discussions and questioning the professor rather than lecturing. I liked how on the last day they went together on a leisurely lunch at a restaurant where people really had a chance to get to know each other. I was also very impressed with the students, that they were completing a rigorous program like we do here in Philly, but that they were presenting and writing in a second language.

It’s good to get out of your comfort zone – especially when you’re in a place that speaks a different language. It was also fun to combine this with a family trip, as it was my kids’ (8 and 6 years old) first trip overseas and husband’s first time in Paris!

Being a part of the Bogotá, Colombia program, I wanted to discover the culture of Paris. I really wanted to take a negotiation course, and familiarize myself with diverse managerial skills sets. It was three days of interactions with amazing and highly talented people from both Paris and Morocco. The negotiation course was particularly interesting to in a country foreign to me because France has very different styles and tactics that differ from Africa and Latin countries. We had some very intense and interesting discussions about the best way to negotiate.

The exchange is a great opportunity to enhance your vision of the world and the learn diverse ways to interact with business across cultures.

Planning my trip to Paris from the Cali, Colombia program was a dream come true. Taking a class with the Paris cohort was invaluable. I met amazing and passionate people, who were full of new ideas. The interaction with my fellow executives, sharing life experiences and talking about the courses, were great experiences for me. I have built life-long professional relationships though the exchange program.

I highly recommend the Executive MBA Exchange Program to everyone who has the opportunity. It is unique added bonus to the program, and not only provides more opportunities to meet our peers abroad, but also gives us a taste of different cultures.