Oct 31 • 2 min read

Santiago, Chile: Wine Anyone?
Chile, that long skinny country in South America, produces some of the world’s best wines. In April 2018, Executive MBA students will travel to Santiago, Chile to study Chile’s investment in and expansion of wine exports, comparative business practices between the U.S. and Chile, and look further into how Chile is competing with traditional Old World wine producers.

Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel: “Start-up Nation”
Israel is one of those complex nations that can be discussed for hours without gaining a full understanding of what is happening there culturally, politically, and economically. This April, Executive MBA students will travel throughout the country to try to understand the story of Israel’s economic miracle. Outside of Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv has become known as one of the most innovative cities, and Israel has the largest number of startup companies in the world! It is no wonder why Israel has been nicknamed the “Startup Nation.”

Paris and Grenoble, France: Re-Discover France
France is the 6th largest economy, and though it may not always be perceived this way, it is one of the easiest and fastest countries in Europe for setting up a business. Now it makes more sense as to why ‘entrepreneur’ is a French word! This April, Executive MBA students will travel to Paris and the Alps to gain a better understanding of how the French balance both business and pleasure while still maintaining their entrepreneurial drive.

Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan: “Electric Town”
Japan is an island nation that has the third largest economy in terms of its GDP. During this Executive MBA Immersion, students will have the opportunity to travel to Tokyo and Kyoto. At the center of Japan’s booming economy is Tokyo, which continues to dominate the world when it comes to innovation and technology, and Kyoto, which will expose students to the cultural and historical aspects of Japan. However, with a decreasing population, how long will Japan be able to maintain this status?