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The Fox School’s Master of Accountancy (MAcc) program, now in its sixth year, continues to maintain a track record of successful career outcomes, with 96% of the latest class of graduates earning placements at Big Four, national, and regional accounting firms.

Launched in 2011, the MAcc program has grown from 22 students in its first cohort to 44 in this year’s cohort, with 96% of the current cohort earning positions at 12 different firms across various specialties, including audit, asset and investment management, and tax.

MAcc Stats

“The Fox MAcc program is committed to securing strong employment outcomes for our graduates,” said Sheri Risler, CPA, director of the Fox MAcc program and professor of accounting practice. “Our program maintains a strong reputation among leading firms with its No. 1 ranking from the Public Accounting Report in the Greater Philadelphia region, a CPA Exam passing rate that exceeds the national average, and courses and opportunities outside the classroom that are geared toward enhancing career results.”

Over the course of three semesters, students in the MAcc program become both CPA- and career-ready with a curriculum that includes review courses and sittings for all four parts of the CPA Exam, as well as top-tier job placement resources and partnerships with major firms. In addition to earning the 30 credit hours that count toward CPA licensure requirements, students receive invaluable networking and professional opportunities, like weekly guest speakers and a trip to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) in Washington, D.C.

Carolyn Roughton

Carolyn Roughton

“The Fox MAcc program has really focused on our professional development from a career standpoint while also giving us the tools to pass all four parts of the CPA Exam,” said Carolyn Roughton, a future MAcc graduate who is starting her career with EY as a financial services assurance staff member in October 2017. “Because of the structure of the MAcc program, I was able to pass three parts of my CPA by March 2017, giving me plenty of time to study and pass my last part before I start work full-time. The program has also created an environment that prepared me for my career by having weekly guest speakers and challenging group projects.”

Thanks to efforts from MAcc faculty and the Center for Student Professional Development (CSPD), recruitment and networking events abound with leading accounting firms, including the Big Four firms. More than half of this year’s job placements are within Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and PwC.

EY is enjoying a particularly successful year, with 10 of the current cohort joining the firm after graduation. Joe Santulli, campus recruiter for EY, credits this high placement to MAcc students being “well prepared for situations they will face on the job due to the real world-oriented curriculum” of the program.

“MAcc students tend to be more prepared for the working world than many students from other schools,” said Santulli. “In our audit hires, a very valuable quality is being able to research a problem first and MAcc students understand how to research very well!”

MAcc students continue to be in great demand among regional accounting firms that have an active recruiting presence at the Fox School, including BDO, EisnerAmper, Grant Thornton, Protiviti, and RSM. New to the placement list is Protiviti, where Natasha Lahovski will specialize in a concentration unique among her classmates this year — internal audit.

Congratulations to the MAcc Class of 2016-2017 and good luck in your future careers!

Rodrigue Adjovi — EY – Audit
Collin Branch — Crowe Howarth – Asset and Investment Management
James Brott— EY – Audit
David Bucior — BDO – Audit
Mariya Chernaya — EY – Audit
Chase Coleman — BDO – Audit
Ryan Day — KPMG – Audit
Gianna Decarvalho — EY – Audit
Christopher Dellaquilla — EY – Audit
Tyler Delong — GT – Audit
Marianne DiLegro — EisnerAmper – Tax
Jordan Fash — EY – Audit
Florance Febriyani — PwC – Tax
Ryan Healy — EY – Audit
Patrick Horton — RSM – Audit
Ashley Jackson — Deloitte – Audit
Natasha Lahovski — Protiviti – Internal Audit
Waishan Lee — GT – Audit
Daniel Leiby — PwC – Audit
Thomas Lukman — Deloitte – Tax
Mark Monacelli — RSM – Audit
Frankline Odongo — EY – Audit
Anna Palutis — PwC – Audit
Kelsey Penney — GT – Audit
Robert Radzinski — GT – Tax
Seung-Gyu Rim — PwC – Audit
Harry Rosenberg — PwC – Audit
Carolyn Roughton — EY – Audit
Brandon Sood — GT – Tax
Savanna Spott — PwC – Audit
Matthew Sullivan — GT – Audit
Wenyu (Wendy) Sun — Deloitte – Tax
Stephanie Terinoni — Comcast
Damjan Treshaj — EY – Audit
Madison Walley — Deloitte – Tax
Wesley Wasserman — Weiser – Audit
Alex Zatratz — PwC – Tax