Feb 8 • 2 min read
GMBA Class 2018

There is always buzz when Temple University’s Fox School of Business Part-Time MBAs and first-year Global MBAs jump right into their consulting projects. The projects are part of required courses designed to help Fox MBA students develop management competencies by working on diverse projects for client firms and organizations.

This spring, there are 79 MBAs involved in 15 Fox Management Consulting (Fox MC) projects – some in marketing and some in strategy. The first-year Global MBAs are conducting extensive primary research, including interviews and surveys, enroute to building detailed marketing strategy plans for client firms.  The final-year Professional MBA students are developing evidence-based strategic recommendations, complete with financial projections, for their clients.

Clients include foreign and U.S. companies, established firms, start-ups and not-for-profits. This spring’s clients include two private equity firms, a community development financial institution, a large multinational, a large school district, several start-ups, and Temple University.

At the beginning of the semester, MBAs are separated into teams of 5 to 6, each guided by an esteemed cohort of experienced advisors and project executives. Teams are assigned one project executive, who meets with the teams twice weekly, and are supported by 3-5 advisors, who meet at key moments during the life of the projects. The combination of students and executives brings tremendous expertise, a diversity of perspectives, and creativity to each project.  Overall, each team works hard, with students contributing 750-1000 hours per project and the project executives and advisors another 15-20 days.

“The Fox Management Consulting projects are tremendously challenging for students, project executives, advisors and faculty but provide one of the richest educational experiences possible – and tremendous value for money for client firms. The students learn by doing (under careful supervision), and client organizations benefit from creative, evidence-based solutions to pressing business problems – and the opportunity to see potential talent in action.  While the projects are challenging, they’re never boring, and it is a rare privilege to make a difference in so many lives and companies.”  -TL Hill, Associate Professor, Strategic Management and Managing Director, Fox Management Consulting

Galvanized from their winter break, MBAs are ready to combine what they’ve learned thus far throughout their MBA coursework with the expertise of our advisors and project executives, to solve real problems for real clients.

If you are interested in working with Fox Management Consulting you can get in touch with us through our contact form or email Rebecca Zinn at rzinn@temple.edu.