Jan 24 • 3 min read

Tokyo, Japan Temple University, Japan Campus

We are very excited to announce the new intake of our EMBA Tokyo January 2017 cohort! During the recruitment process, we chose to focus in part on increasing our diversity because we believe students learn from their fellow classmates who bring rich experiences to share with others and enhance the classroom experience. These students are coming into the EMBA program from many different industries, including aircraft manufacturing, airlines, chemical and natural gas, sensory development, government administration, and armed forces. Their job titles include Flight Manager, Senior Director of Management System Operations, Marketing Manager, Project and Product Manager, Supplier Management Manager, and a medical doctor. Their citizenship includes Japanese, British, Korean, Swiss, and American. Back in December, Fox EMBA Program office in Tokyo hosted an orientation for the new cohort. Michael Brogan and Noriaki Kusano, class of 2016 graduates, were eager to share their transformational EMBA experiences with the new cohort. The Fox School of Business EMBA Program enthusiastically welcomes our EMBA Tokyo January 2017 cohort!


Paris, France Ponts Business School, Fox EMBA Partner

This February, Fox EMBA students from around the globe traveled to Philadelphia to celebrate their graduation with their fellow classmates. Antoine Dubois is a Business Engineer in Belgium and, while working on his Masters degree in Engineering in Paris, he decided to join the Fox EMBA program. “When I came to France, it was [the] perfect timing to [pursue] an MBA. I always wanted to [study] abroad and [obtain] a dual-degree in engineering and entrepreneurship.” By obtaining an EMBA, Dubois was able to diversify his engineering experience and gain a new outlook in his professional life. The Fox EMBA aims to provide students with the skills necessary to excel in their current and future careers. “I learned to listen because [listening] is the most valuable [skill] when you are working [in a] global environment and [with] people from [across the globe].” Dubois says that he would recommend the Fox Global EMBA to anyone because it was most exciting and intense two years of his life. One of the highlights from Dubois’ time in the Global EMBA program was participating in the Global Exchange Program and taking classes in Philadelphia (and eating cheesesteaks).


Cali, Colombia Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Fox EMBA Partner

Jesús Antonio Rodríguez has a lot to look forward to during this graduation season. Rodríguez attributes his promotion to Deputy General Manager at Sloane Logistics, a British coal, mining, and energy company in Colombia, to his participation in the Global EMBA program. “I learned how to handle and conclude negotiations in the best possible way and the how to make efficient relationships with future partners and shareholders.” But Rodríguez is not stopping there: he is confident that his Fox Executive MBA degree will eventually get him the coveted CEO position in a rail transportation company. Rodríguez was originally attracted to the Fox Global EMBA program because of the prestige of the Temple degree. He knew that gaining two degrees, both from Temple University and our global partner site Universidad Javeriana in Cali, Colombia, would help take his career to the next level. Rodríguez would suggest the Fox Global EMBA program to anyone “because it will improve his/her performance in almost every aspect in the professional and personal field.”