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Sari is a highly methodical, business-savvy strategic planner who blends her broad expertise to catapult innovation and maximize growth opportunities. Her passion for collaborating across teams and bringing people together to ideate, create and deliver new and reimagined products and services is her driving force. She is excited to join the Inspirus team and be a part of turning new ideas and technologies into products that will transform an industry and change people’s lives.

Sari earned her Executive Masters in Business Administration from Temple University.  She currently serves on the Temple EMBA Board of Directors. She attended The University of Delaware and earned her Bachelors of Science in Human Resources in 1995.

In Her Own Words….

Beyond Work
I am grateful every day for my amazing children, family and friends. I love to spend quality time with them at the beach, dining out and enjoying great food, attending sporting events, traveling to new places and watching my daughter play soccer is a favorite.

Proudest Moment
Earning my EMBA from Temple University. It represented a sense of accomplishment in so many ways. It introduced me to a cohort of colleagues and professors that became like a family to me, in this respect it was a team achievement. Most importantly to me, it created a rich opportunity to share an experience with my children. Looking out into the sea of people at graduation and seeing my children cheering me on created an overwhelming sense of pride. We did it together – many late nights of studying together and lots of support along the way. It was a family accomplishment; we grew from the experience in ways I could not have imagined.

Favorite Recognition Moment
For me, it is the moment when an individual pauses, reflects and experiences an amazing sense of appreciation and accomplishment for the difference they have made at home, at work or in the community. It’s the kind of feeling that warms your heart and has an immeasurable impact on others.

Making idea’s happen. I love turning a vision into reality, at work and at home, with colleagues, friends and family.

What Workforce Recognition Means to Me
Happy and fulfilled employees living the values of their organization and delivering on the organization’s mission. When this is achieved, you know the organization behind the team has invested time, resources and best in class solutions to empower their people to achieve excellence. The business results follow.

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